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I NEED to do this!


Giant barrels

Fancy sleeping in one fo these? (Photo credit: emotionaltoothpaste)

Quick post while on my lunch break.
I just randomly came across this link, while looking for something entirely different:

Black Forest Wine Barrel Hotel

B&Bs don’t come more fun than checking in for a night in a huge wine barrel. What once held 2,000 gallons of wine is now a comfy place to spend the night.

The village of Sasbachwalden is only around an hour’s drive from Karlsruhe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spend the night there. Especially if it’s in a wine barrel.

This is definitely going on the 35 before 35 list!

For those who speak German, here is a link to the hotel’s own website: Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be available in English.

Author: bevchen

No longer twenty-something, but still unmarried and unchildrened, English girl. After 8 and a half years in Germany, I'm now trying to figure out life in Switzerland! I work at a translation company and am slightly obsessed with books and travel. I also cross stitch.

7 thoughts on “I NEED to do this!

  1. Sleeping in a barrel….hmm! I had read about a similar thing in NatGeo’s Traveler magazine in which they had some Japanese hotel for business travelers, It was like an elongated tube inside which you slide & go to sleep. Here is the link to something similar:

    Honestly it reminds me of a morgue in a hospital😛

    • Those capsules look scary!😮

      The wine barrels actually look quite nice. They’ve put windows in them and things, so you get some natural light. I think it would be an interesting experience.

  2. That sounds bizarre in a totally DO IT way! Love it!

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