Friday letters

Posting early today because I’m off work. I have one day’s holiday left from last year and it needs to be used before the end of March. It seemed sensible to take it while Jan’s off as well, so I get a long weekend. Hurrah! Now for some letters…

Letterboxes on 85, 87 and 87a Vittoria Street
Photo credit: ell brown

Dear Friday. Why can’t you always be a day off? Five-day working weeks are so overrated!

Dear boyfriend. It’s good to have you back! Please, no more business trips for a while!

Dear weather. What happened to the sunshine? Turning cloudy as soon as I get a day off is just mean!

Dear everyone (especially females). Happy International Women’s Day!

Dear new biscuit tin. You are very pretty and I can’t wait to fill you with biscuits!

I need to have a shower and get dressed now, so that’s all from me. Happy Friday everyone!


7 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. Whoever came up with working 5 days a week has a lot to answer for! This week has been SO long! As for the weather, it’s been like Noah’s Ark the sequel here this week, the rain just hasn’t stopped (this has at least given me a good excuse not to run, but MISERABLE!) Here’s hoping for a relaxing weekend and some sunshine next week for us both!

    1. I know… what on Earth made them imagine 5 days on and 2 days off could possibly be a good idea?!
      We’re supposed to get hit by another cold front next week, so no sunshine here. Mid-March and we’re going back to winter. Grr!

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