Cross cultural cooking: Toad in the hole

It had been ages since I last made toad in the hole, so when I saw it on Lou’s Labyrinth I really, really wanted to eat it again. So that’s what Jan and I had for dinner yesterday.

I always use a recipe that I got from BBC Food years ago, and which doesn’t even seem to be on the site any more. Looking at it just now, I found several similar ones but none that were exactly the same. Mine is a very simple recipe – flour, eggs (four of them!), milk, salt and pepper for the batter. I always add dried rosemary as well, although it’s not in the original recipe. And, of course, sausages. Being in Germany, I don’t actually have access to the kind of sausages one would normally use for toad in the hole, but Bratwurst work surprisingly well. Cross-cultural cooking at its best!

Toad in the hole


6 thoughts on “Cross cultural cooking: Toad in the hole

  1. when I make toad in the hole I prefer to use large singular Yorkshire’s as I find that when I make a big one like that the Yorkshire is soggy and not fully cooked in the middle- how did you go a about ensuring this didn’t happen in a dish of that size?

    1. That’s the only oven-proof dish I have to make it in!

      I don’t do anything really, just make sure the dish is on a fairly low shelf so the batter has plenty of space to rise. The layer of batter shouldn’t be too thick. Other than that, I just stick it in the oven and hope. It’s never been soggy yet…

  2. This post made me smile, I moved to Germany a year ago after finishing university in England and have spent a long time sampling various German wurst to make toad in the hole. It’s one of the dishes I really miss!

  3. Thank you for this post. Little did you think that someone would use it as a reference for making Toad in the Hole in 2021.

    I’ve lived in Germany since March 2020 and I rarely cook anything British, but tonight Germany plays England in the UEFA 2020 cup and my German host wants me to cook something British, so here I am, stressing about which of the hundreds of German sausages I should use to make said dish.

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