Where did THAT come from?

horse bumI’ve always had a big bum. Not that I was ever fat – I’ve never gone above a size 12 in clothing – but even as a child I remember my mum making comments about, and once, when I was about 13, my granndma refused to buy me a pair of trousers because “They’ll make your bum look even bigger!”. At the time I was quite hurt, but I got over it and learned to live with my oversized behind. There are certain items of clothing that I need to avoid, and I’ll occasionally have a two-year old style sulk over some gorgeous dress that just looks awful with my body shape, but on the whole my bum and I have managed come to learn to get along over the years… or at least I thought we had.

The Crown Princess Bootytron
The Crown Princess Bootytron (Photo credit: JoeAlterio)

Getting out of the shower on Saturday, I caught sight of my reflection in the bathroom mirror and got a huge shock. As I said, my bum has always been on the large side, but now it’s completely out of proportion to the rest of my body! After heading to the bedroom to get dressed, I got my second bottom-related shock of the day. A skirt that I only bought last summer, and that I swear fit perfectly only a few weeks ago, had to be coaxed over my derrière centimeter by centimeter. Not cool, people! I like that skirt!

There’s only one thing for it… starting this week, I’m going to have to start getting my Jillian on again. I know I’ll never have a neat, sexy little bum, but I won’t give up my pretty skirts without a fight!


11 thoughts on “Where did THAT come from?

  1. When I was younger, I made the mistake of asking my brother if the pants I was wearing made my butt look big. That’s now his response whenever I ask about anything. For example, he’ll say, “That hair cut makes your butt look big.”

    Also, my behind is getting bigger, too. There’s something in the water.

  2. Everything around here had got a little bigger…however, my ‘mysterious’ growth probably had more to do with beer and crisps than it did anything else! I’m also back to running this week (she says…it’s only been two days!) and back on myfitnesspal tracking calories like a fiend! Love the bum explosion comment!

    1. I failed to do my exercise DVD because it took me nearly 3 hours to get home from work! Can you believe it’s snowing AGAIN?! And the trains can’t deal. Tomorrow… (she says now).

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