Things I HAVE done before 30 – Part 2: Experiences

It’s been nearly a month since I started writing about the things I have managed to achieve before 30. The first part of the series, which discussed all the travel related things I’ve done, can be found here. Now it’s time to tell you about some of the other things I’ve done. Today’s post, which I’ve entitled “experiences” are going to discuss some of the things I’ve tried out during my (almost) 30 years of being alive. Here goes…

Tried many types of food.

I won’t include things like eating pizza in Italy or köttbullar in Sweden (although I’ve done both), because really those are pretty tame experiences. But here are some of the foods I’ve tried that are more unusual, or that some may consider the eating of disgusting/weird/cruel…

  • Frog’s legs  – bizarrely not in France (I’ve never yet managed to track them down there!), but in a restaurant in Karlsruhe. They were quite nice, and despite what people may tell you, they taste nothing like chicken! The meat is too dark for that. If I were to compare them to any bird I would say duck.
  • Rabbit – once in a pie, once at a friend’s house as a teenager (a freshly caught bunny that her uncle had brought over for them) and once in Malta. The meat tastes lovely but there are so many tiny bones! it’s almost as bad as fish! And no, I don’t feel at all guilty about eating cute little bunny rabbits.
  • Sushi – a few times now. At a Japanese restaurant, at a Chinese restaurant that does an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet (buzarre but true!) and also at a friend’s place where we made it ourselves. I don’t find the eating of raw fish disgusting per se, but I have discovered that I only really like the ones with tuna or salmon. All the white fish just taste weird to me, and the texture is like rubber. The vegetable ones tend to contain things like cucumber, which I also don’t like (in sushi or elsewhere!).
  • Squid – I’ve had this both in the form of calamari (i.e. deep fried and covered in batter) and also mini squids that just sort of lay there on a plate being all tentically. The calamari version is better, but has a weird tecture. Pure squid tastes weird and the little sucker things terrify me – I’m convinced they’re going to get stuck on my throat! As you may have guessed, I’m not a fan.
  • Caviar – my uncle had it at his 40th birthday party. Horrible salty stuff!
  • Haggis – I tried a little bit when my boyfriend was eating it in Scotland. It’s ok, but quite fatty. I’m not sure I’d manage a whole portion.
  • Saumagen – Literally “sow’s stoamch”. A speciality of the palatinate area of Germany (which isn’t far from here). It tastes much better than it sounds – quite salty though. The best description I can come up with is it’s a bit like tough gammon.

Been in a helicopter

While on holiday in Cornwall as a child. We flew from the mainland to Truro (one of the Scilly Isles). Sadly, it seems the company that did the flights has stopped them now.

Swam with dolphins

Well, swam is a bit strong for what I did. It was the Dolphin Emotions Experience at Zoomarine in Portugal – a birthday gift from my mum and siblings. The first part of the experience was a talk about dolphins, then we were allowed into the pool, where we didn’t so much swim as allow the dolphins to do tricks using us as their toys. One of the things was to tread water in the middle of the pool with both hands outstretched and let a dolphin push you round in a circle using one of your hands. It was an amazing experience! The below shows me having my photo taken with “my” dolphin, Dino. There was an official photographer to one side of the pool – this one was taken by my mum from the spectators’ area.


Been kart racing

And hated every single second of it. I can’t even drive a real car and I was terrified!! Everyone else was whizzing past and I was convinced someone was going to crash into me at any minute. Never again!

Climbed a mountain

Several actually, mostly in Austria. Not particularly high mountains, but it still counts!

Mountain view

Been to a number of beer festivals

And yes, one of them was Oktoberfest. Obviously! 😉 I’ve also been to several CAMRA real ale festivals in the UK.

A beer stand shaped like a ship, Karlsruhe Bierböse 2012
A beer stand shaped like a ship, Karlsruhe Bierböse 2012

Bathed a baby

OK, it was my little brother, I was seven years old at the time and my mum helped. Still an experience though, yes?

Cooked complicated meals for people other than myself

Christmas dinner for nine good enough for you? How about roast lamb for 11? I love doing it, but it’s sooo much work, every time.

Worked abroad

Goes without saying really, considering where I am 😉 But I really wanted to actually have it on the list.

That will do for now. I may add more if I think of any. In the mean time, look out for part 3, which will be on education type things.

10 thoughts on “Things I HAVE done before 30 – Part 2: Experiences

  1. Hi Bevchen,

    I am so sorry for my radio silence during the last couple of days / ehm weeks…. All the moving is over now and I am just trying to settle back into (blog)life 😉

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog!

    I so LOVE that ‘cooked complicated meals for others’ one. It so hits my personality since my cooking skills are absolutely mediocre and cooking for other people than myself is a challenge every single time. And I must say, that you are one of the tough and brave ones on the food side!! You have tried haggis, and saumagen… I mean, I am a veggie, but I haven’t been all my life, and I did not turn vegetarian because of those things…. Wow

    Have a wonderful day, hopefully without that much snow in Karlsruhe 😉


    1. That’s ok – life gets in the way of all of us at times. Glad to see you back on the blogosphere!

      I will try almost any food once… except snails. The thought of eating them creeps me out, and the frozen ones I’ve seen here in Karstadt do NOT look appetizing…

  2. Bravery points to you for eating the Haggis and Saumagen… I wouldn’t go near either of those. Or at least I would refuse while my boyfriend happily offered me some in the middle of his chowing down. Boys. Gah.

    But you’ve definitely done a lot of awesome stuff before 30, so feel good! I’ve been starting to sweat the bday a little bit more as it approaches, and the Wii fit age of 64 that I got on Monday DID NOT HELP. Last night I was 23 though, so that felt better. 🙂 Damn you Wii!

      1. Ugh. Brain. Ugh. Ugh.

        It’s conspiring against me. It gives me the exercises I am worst at on the days that I’m super tired/already feeling crappy. If I feel good, then it gives me the super-easy ones. CONSPIRACY.

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