Return of the snow

I thought Karlsruhe had managed to escape the latest round of snow. Berlin has been ankle deep in it for ages and Frankfurt Airport was recently closed because of it (again!), but until now, every time the white stuff was forecast for Karlsruhe, we got rain instead. Our time, it appears, has now come. Here’s what I woke up to this morning:


I wouldn’t even mind the snow so much – despite the fact that it is now officially spring and I want daffodils – if it hadn’t brought freezing wind with it. My gloves did absolutely nothing for me this morning!

Thank goodness I only have four days at work this week. After that it’s Easter, and since practically everything is closed on Good Friday I have an excellent excuse to hide in the house and drink endless cups of tea!


7 thoughts on “Return of the snow

  1. Yeah, I love love love snow (not that we get much of it here) but I am not a fan of the freezing wind. Brr.

    Yay for 4 day work weeks!

  2. I’m so jealous of the snow back in England this week (I mean, thick snow in March almost April – what is going on with that!), I think mostly because I want to be back there anyway and having snow to play in just makes it even more “SO UNFAIR!” But, yeah I could do without the freezing temperatures and icy aftermath! It’s raining and raining and rainging here, which meant a blanket and sofa day yesterday, but I really need to go out today – to the supermakret even if nowhere else so I’m hoping it stops for at least a little while!

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