(Good) Friday letters

It’s Friday again! But this time it’s not just any Friday… it’s Good Friday, which means I get the day off work. Thank you Germany for your insane love of Feiertage! Now for the Good Friday edition of Friday’s letters…

Photo credit: davidbonting

Dear Easter. I mentioned last year why you’re one of my favourite holidays, and nothing has changed since then. Four-day weekend? YES PLEASE!

Dear Eddie Izzard. One more week! I’m so excited!

Dear housework fairy. I need you to come and clean my kitchen, please. I am sick of doing it only to turn around (what feels like) 5 minutes later to find it looking like a bomb’s hit it. Ugh!

Dear weather. Please could you be nice tomorrow so we can go out for the day? I would be ever so grateful!

Dear new shoes. I hope to be able to wear you outdoors soon. Please be patient!

Dear self. You really need to drink more water! And the fact that work provides you with large bottles of Volvic for free there is really no excuse for how little you’ve been drinking recently!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your chocolate.



14 thoughts on “(Good) Friday letters

    1. Yeah.. because “No flag, No country. You can’t have one! Those are the rules… that I just made up!”

      We are now going out for the afternoon, so I get to ignore my kitchen for a few more hours. Yesss!

  1. Dear Bev…stop rubbing it in about Eddie Izzard…Dear Housework Fairy…please also come and clean my bathroom…Dear Easter…please make my work change our holidays so that Scrooge (sorry our bosses) can give us school holidays AND a four day weekend, because I am not reaping the benefits of bank holiday goodness!…Dear Bev’s new shoes…I saw you in her last post, but time ran away and I forgot to comment, so I will take this opportunity to commend you on being polka-dotted, always pretty! Enjoy the bank hol!x

    1. Dear Rachael, I promise to stop going on about Eddie Izzard once I’ve written a post about how amazing he was πŸ˜‰

      The shoes are fab, aren’t they? Still waiting to be able to wear them though!

      1. haha – green with envy! Those shoes will get a tonne of wear once it gets warm enough, no doubt…it’ll all be worth it!

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