Spot the difference 2

About a month ago, I posted two photos of the same view taken at different times of year. My point, at the time, was to show you all that it was still flipping snowing. In fact, as some people pointed out, the March photo had more snow than the December one. What’s that all about? You can see that post here.

A few days ago, I took another photo of the same view… this time because the tree looked so pretty. I thought it might be fun to compare that photo with the snowy one from March. So…

25 March 2013
25 March 2013
17 April 2013
17 April 2013

And the difference this time? The tree still looks white, but now it’s blossoms, not snow!

Roughly two weeks after taking the second photo above, everything’s changed out again. The white blossoms have all fallen of and been replaced with green leaves and the buds of what will later be cherries (we think… whatever they are, the birds loooove to eat them!). Maybe I’ll do another Spot the Difference some time soon…


10 thoughts on “Spot the difference 2

  1. Aw it looks so pretty! Funny story about blossoms… a few years ago, it was windy during dismissal and the blossoms were coming off the trees… and my kindergartners were all “it’s snowing!!”. It was like 80* outside lol.

  2. The blossom finally started appearing a few weeks ago here, and its so beautiful, it’s very welcome.

    Yesterday I was thinking about trees, as you do, and I can’t decide which season has my favourite tree. Spring is beautiful because of the blossom, summer because of all the green, autumn because of all the beautiful colours, or winter because I love a bare, leafless tree against a winter sky. I think I just love trees!

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