Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was nominated for this award back in March and am only now getting round to posting it on my blog. *Ashamed*. Thank you Briana! I am honorued. Now everybody go and check out her blog, A Beautiful Life.


To accept the award, the rules are as follows: 

  1. Provide a link and thanks to the bloggers who nominated you
  2. Answer 10 questions
  3. Nominate 10 blogs that you find a joy to read
  4. Provide links to blogs and inform the recipients that they have been nominated
  5. Include the award logo within post


  1. Who is a woman from history that you respect? From history? Oooh, that’s difficult.  I think I’m going to say Helen Keller. She proved that any obstacle can be overcome with enough determination.
  2. Why is your blog’s name your blog’s name? Confuzzled means confused and confuzzledom can mean either a combination of confuzzled and kingdom (the kingdom of confusion!) or the state of being confuzzled… a perfect description of my brain most of the time! Plus I like the sound of the word.
  3. What book are you reading right now? A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. I’ve literally just started so I have no idea if it’s any good.
  4. What’s your favorite drink? Homemade lemonade (when I can be bothered to make it), Dandelion & Burdock and, if we’re talking alcohol, Tia Maria mixed with orange juie. It’s called an Orange Sartie and it tastes AMAZING! Ooh, and I can’t forget a nice cup of tea (with milk, of course)… I am English after all
  5. Which is your favorite method of transport? I think train. Before moving to Germany I never took the train, ever. Now I take one to work every day. But what I love most about it is you can get on in Germany and then off again in a completely different country. France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic… even after 6 years in Germany (plus one in Austria) I never fail to find this amazing!
  6. What is your favorite food? You are kidding, right? ONE favourite food? There’s no possible way I can choose between potatoes, cheese and a nice big plate of curry with poppadoms!
  7. Do you ever sing in the shower? Occasionally… but I usually get distracted by the sound of the water
  8. Are you wearing socks right now? This is a rather odd question, but yes, in fact I am. They’re black with stars on (have I ever mentioned that I have a slight obsession with stars?…)
  9. If you could be given any gift, what would it be? This one is haaard, and is part of the reason I’ve taken so long to post this! I’m going to say my own library.. not a lending library, but the kind with shelves full of books and comfy sofas (preferably in red) for spending hours curled up reading in. Oh, and there would have to be a desk as well, with an old globe on it, of course. You can be given a library as a gift, right?
  10. When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass it? Either on WordPress, on Facebook or frantically trying to complete a cross stitch picture… could people please stop getting married and having babies and give me a chance to catch up?!

And now for my nominations…

  1. Janey at Is That You, Darling?
  2. Heather at Heather Goes to Deutschland
  3. Elaine at I used to be indecisive
  4. Svenja at Happy Bluebird
  5. Ari at The Pace of It All
  6. Heather (a different one) at Fiery and Opinionated
  7. Rachael at The Pink Rachael (I really hope she takes part – I swear this girl is like my blogging twin. We feel the same about sooo many issues and I need to see her answers!)
  8. Fay at Fly on the Wall
  9. Sarah at Working Berlin Mum
  10. And finally, the wonderful Katyboo

I know not everybody likes to do these things, and I won’t be offended if you decide not to… but if you do take part please let me know. I would love to read your answers!



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