In which I contact a Frauenarzt all by myself

Now, that is a scary Halloween costume. (part ...
My doctor is not this scary… (Photo credit: partymonstrrrr)

It’s that time again… when I reach the final week of my pill packet and suddenly realise it was the last one in the box and I really need to make an appointment to get some more. Usually, I make the appointment with my Hausarzt (General Practitioner). We have an agreement where I tell him I’ll go for my smear tests in the UK and he gives me my prescription, no further questions asks. Unfortunately – not for the first time – my Hausarzt is on holiday right when I need him. I seem to have a knack for wanting an appointment when he isn’t there… and he’s not going to be there until after I need the pill again. Roughly a week after, to be precise. Normally, this is my cue to get Jan to start calling round doctors for me (I like my Hausarzt because I can make appointments online… no need to attempt to spell my name to nasty receptionists!) but I’ve barely even seen him since we were on the train together on Sunday, and certainly not for long enough to have a real conversation!

It was time to bite the bullet and find myself another doctor! After some googling for Frauenarzt Karlsruhe (a Frauenarzt is a gynaecologist, by the way… and is where I’m supposed to go for the pill) I decided on one that’s a) close to my house and b) had a website that came equipped with an e-mail address. I sent an e-mail explaining the situation and received a reply within two hours:Β  Of course you can come by and get a prescription for the pill. Just drop by with your health insurance card – on Tuesdays and Friday we’re open til 7 p.m. (I had said I can only do 5:30 onwards due to work). Oh, and usually we would then make an appointment for a consultation and cancer screening at that point. How do things stand with you?

The Frauenarzt chair of doooom!
The Frauenarzt chair of doooom!

I had to take a deeeep breath before hittingΒ  reply.Β  I can come by on Friday to pick up the prescription. As for the screening stuff… usually I get it done in England becasue I don’t have a gynaecologist in Germany, but it’s been three years and I’m not going back home any time soon so maybe I should get it done here. (What I didn’t say was that, actually, it was three years in October… my dad opened the reminder letter for me, but I haven’t been back to England since… Germans expect you to have it done every year (and every six months if you’re on the pill!! Excessive much?!) so I didn’t want to alarm her more than I assume she already will be…). There hasn’t been a reply to that e-mail so far, so I don’t know yet whether I’m actually going to have to get a smear test done in Germany. I’ve heard scary stories about nakedness and the horrible chair though (no lying down on a bed like back home for German women!)… wish me luck!

19 thoughts on “In which I contact a Frauenarzt all by myself

      1. Haha. I didn’t think that. πŸ™‚ I’m just always impressed with people who speak more than one language. I hope to be one of those people soon…..I say hope, but really it’s “will be” since I’ll be living there I definitely.

  1. Mach dir keine Sorgen! I took LS INTO THE ROOM with me for my examination…I know, I know. As far as I was aware, I was just there for a pill consultation, as per in England – a few questions, a quick blood pressure test and there you go. I embarrassingly took LS in for this scenario as I couldn’t be sure that I knew the technically (and socially!) correct versions of words for my anatomy, haha. It was a classic comedy moment when the Frauenarzt said ‘ok, jetzt machen Sie sich frei’ …or some words to those effect! Waaaaaaaaaaaaas?! Then, in fear and panic, I begged LS not to leave me…so…he…stayed. Horrific! Who knew that that’s what she wanted to do?! Good luck anyway, you’ll be fine!

    1. Hahaha, I can just imagine it! Jan won’t come to the doctors with me any more… he came with me twice, I think. Both times I claimed I’d had the smear thing done in England recently so they would leave me alone and just give me my prescription!

  2. I completely support choosing doctors based on whether or not they have email available πŸ™‚ And I don’t know how things normally are in England, but I was expecting some kind of a sheet or covering or…something. She sent me behind a little curtain to “get changed,” which just means taking off everything below the waist. I stood there for a minute and asked her if I was supposed to come out without any pants on and she scoffed that sometimes older or really religious women would wrap a scarf around themselves on the way over to the examination table. Sigh…

    1. Haha, yeah I’ve heard it’s NOT fun. I’ve been lucky to avoid it up to now – some doctors refuse to even prescribe the pill unless you have the Vorsorge thingy first!!

  3. All I can say is…..poor you! If you have been used to smear tests in England then be prepared for a very less dignifying experience in Germany. Unless you’re really lucky. Just wear something long, like a long shirt or t-shirt, to cover your modesty as you approach the chair of doom. Sorry mate.

    1. This was written before the evil appointment of doooom πŸ˜‰ I have since been to the smear test and survived. I may or may not write another post on it (not sure if it will be TMI?!)

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