The upper end of “normal”

*This is the post I had actually planned to write today… the one from this morning was just an added bonus, hence the two posts in a day thing*

The observant among you have probably noticed that I don’t live in the same town where I work. Every day, I get up at 6 a.m. so I can take the (stupidly early) train to work. At first, I bought monthly tickets, but that got annoying after a while so as soon as I passed my probation period, I ordered the BahnCard 100 from Deutsche Bahn.

Deutsch: BahnCard 100
The BahnCard 100 (Photo: Wikipedia)

There are three versions of the BahnCard – BahnCard 25 gets you 25% off train tickets, BahnCard 50 gets you 50% and the BahnCrad 100… well, can you guess what that one does? Correct! It allows me to travel on any train within Germany for no extra charge. The card itself costs a small fortune, of course, but it comes with CityPlus, which allows me to use opublic transport within any town that participate in the scheme. As both Karlsruhe and the town I work in have CityPlus, with my BahnCard I’m covered for the trams as well. After working out that buying three monthly tickets (for the train and both tram networks) I would only be spending €15 less than the monthly price of the BahnCard 100, my choice was clear.

The other thing that comes with BahnCard 100 is a bonus scheme. It used to be automatic, but recently they’ve changed it so you have to opt in. Non-BahnCard holders can join the scheme as well – they just have to order a separate bonus card. Basically every euro you spend (either purchasing a BahnCard itself or travel tickets) equates to one point for the bonus system. And once you get enough points, you can go to the Bahn website and exchange them for things. There are various “prizes” (for want of a better word) available – everything from train tickets and reservations to wine gift sets and iPads.

Elbling wine
Mmm, wine! (Photo: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago, I received a letter telling me some of my points were about to expire, so I decided it was time to claim a prize. I went on the Bahn website, looked through all the options, and eventually decided to order myself a set of scales – the kind that promise to analyse your body as well as weighing you. They duly arrived on Saturday (when I was not home!) and the neighbour who had taken them for me brought them round on Monday night. Being a man, and therefore a sucker for anything with buttons, Jan wanted to set them up for me immediately. So into the scales went my age, height and the amount of exercise I do, and onto the scales I stepped.

Percent Symbols - Best Percentage Growth or In...
(Photo: SalFalko)

My weight was pretty much what I’d been expecting (and no, I’m not telling you what it is!), so no surprises there, although I would like to get it down a bit. Then came the fat analysis part. Body fat proportion: 30%, said the scales. jan, who was holding the little booklet looked that up. “It says you’re normal,” he reported. “20% to 32% is the normal range for women in your age group.” I went and had a look. He was right… 30% is normal… but the upper end of normal. I’m only 2% away from the “Overwieght” category… just like my waist to height ratio puts me at only 0.02 away from being overweight. Eeep!

I’ve said it before, I know, but this time I really do need to get serious about shifting some belly fat! So far, I still look pretty good in most of my clothes, but seeing that I’m only 2% away from an unhealthly proportion of body fat actually kind of scared me, so I want to put a stop to the weight gain before I actually am fat! I’ve been doing quite well on the exercise front recently, so now all I need to do is ditch the junk food (would now be a good time to admit that I treated myself to a Magnum after work two days in a row? What can I say… I was hot!), pay closer attention to my portion sizes and make a real effort to cook nice, healthy meals containing actual vegetables!

diet ecard

Coincidentally, while I was planning this post, The Pink Rachael introduced her new weekly series, Weigh-in Wednesdays, so from now on I shall be linking up with that. I’m hoping to get at least a centimetre or two shifted before I go to England and have to appear at a christening in – gasp – a pretty frock!


22 thoughts on “The upper end of “normal”

  1. Aaaaah the upper end of “normal!” Think I am in a very similar position! It’s that pesky junk food that is the problem… Aaaah yes, your cookie posts, what will become of them?! 😛

    1. I love that everyone is in morning for the cookie posts already! I promise there will still be baking.

      Yes, pesky junk food indeed! And I’m going to England in 2 weeks, which means I will want to eat ALLL the things. Especially pies. And sausage rolls. Mmmmmm, sausage rolls!!

      1. It is, but it’s online too. Not sure how easy it would be to track along without having it on you, but it is really easy to use.

      2. Depends how much your counting calories and how much you’re just watching what you eat i suppose. I’m trying to stick to a calorie limit each day, so it’s really good for that. Last summer I wasn’t and I also went with the high-tech pen and paper option, which was fine for that!

    1. Wellll… last year I used my points to get a sandwich toaster, and I’ve also ordered a coffee machine, which is currently sitting in my downstairs neighbour’s flat waiting for them to actually be in when I try to pick it up!

    2. Wellll… last year I used my points to get a sandwich toaster, and I’ve also ordered a coffee machine, which is currently sitting in my downstairs neighbour’s flat waiting for them to actually be in when I try to pick it up!

    1. I got a box the first two times… this year’s came in a paper wallet type thing.

      I’m paying €15 a month more for the BC100 than I would be for 3 Monatskarten (Bahn plus the 2 local tram networks)… I can make most of that back with one trip to where my boyfriend’s parents live!

  2. Also- I currently have 2,479 “premium points” and 1.651 “status points.” I can’t for the life of me figure out what the difference is between the two point types. Which type did you use to get the toaster? 🙂

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