Friday letters

How is it possible that it’s time for Friday letters again already? This week has literally flown by! At this rate, it will be Christmas before I know it. …

I came across this cute letter box in Ireland.
I came across this cute letter box in Ireland.

Dear checkout lady in Rossmann. Was it really necessary to literally snatch my money right out of my hand? Apparantly it was my week for encountering rude Germans

Dear boots. I still think you’re one of the best purchases I ever made, no matter what crazy drunk Germans might have to say on the matter 😉

Dear friend’s unborn baby. I can’t believe your due date is only a month and a half away! I really, really need to get on with that cross stitch I’m doing for you…

time flies
Time flies (Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker)

Dear July. PLEASE slow down! There is so much I need to get done this month (like buying a dress for a christening and a gift for my mother’s 50th birthday!) and I already feel like I’m running out of time…

Dear self. You’re doing really well with this exercising lark… keep up the good work!

Dear spare room. Sorry you look like a bomb’s gone off in you. I will do something about that… some day.

Dear shower. I will also clean you soon… honest I will. And yes, I know I’ve been saying that for weeks…

Dear readers. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!



11 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. Glad it’s not just me that puts off the shower cleaning then! Congrats on keeping up the exercise – I’ve been doing really well (well, until my alcohol intake yesterday annihilated all my other best efforts!) As for July – half of me is wishing it away because I’m excited to move back, half wants it to slow right down so I can enjoy my last few weeks!

    1. I actually signed up for MyFitnessPal and I was doing sooo well yesterday until a friend called to invite me out. Two glasses of wine later, and I’m over my daily calorie limit. *Sigh*

  2. It seems your mom and I are the same age as I’ll be 50 this month, too. Wow. Yes, it all goes by too fast now. Almost like a blur. Hope you have a wonderful July!

    P.S. If anyone says they love cleaning showers I’ll need to get them over to my house!

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