Stamp of Approval Saturday: So Very British

love great britain
love great britain (Photo credit: thecloudberry)

For this week’s Stamp of Approval Saturday, I want to share with you this Buzzfeed that my colleague sent to me:

30 Very British Problems

Number 1 is my sister all over!!
Also, numbers 3, 11, 13 and 25 are so, so true.

Also, I discovered there’s an entire site dedicated to people sending in photos of themselves wearing a creepy horse head mask. Whaaaat? And we thought our Charlie idea was clever…

Never mind, Charlie Horse, you’re still our favourite!

Charlie meeting someone special in Connemara National Park
Charlie meeting someone special in Connemara National Park

What Internet finds get your stamp of approval this week? Head on over to Ifs, Ands and Butts to link up!


9 thoughts on “Stamp of Approval Saturday: So Very British

  1. Love this (still freaked out by the horse mask though).
    Number 1 – YES! why is that?!
    Number 4 – Also true – you have to get the most out of every possible part of any extra day off. Drinking is usually a good way to do this. Especially if it’s sunny.
    Number 11 – Oh dear god, yes. I had to ‘share’ all the things that had happened this year in literacy in our school staff meeting. I was scarlet by the end. And I didn’t even have to stand up for it. Might have exploded if I had had to!
    Number 12 – Yep.
    Number 13 – Yes. I hate hairdressers. I had a student do mine once – I figured how hard can it be? I only have the ends chopped off, no styling, no nothing. I flew home with lopsided hair.
    Number 15 – Oh, god – I do this ALL the time. Ridiculous.
    Number 17 – Switch the Pimms for any kind of 2 for €20 lager deal and too true.
    Number 23 – Ha, not necesarily parties, but I always do this if it’s ever me that instigates any kind of night out. I think the majority of my texts end with “no worries if not…”
    Number 24 – I feel these British problems are highlighting my alcoholic side, but..yes, true.
    Number 25 – I used to strategically moe around rooms in my mum’s house to not be near where the window cleaner was. When I first got to Madrid, we were staying in Cesar’s old flat with his roommates and (being boys) they all chipped in for a cleaner each week. Of course, they were all at work when she came. But not me – stuck there not knowing how to go anywhere or say anything awkwardly avoiding her.
    Number 26 – this is my mum all over.
    Number 29 – why do people do this?!
    Number 30 – all the time.

    Wow – sorry, long comment, but I really enjoyed these. I am reposting on fb and heading over to twitter to follow as we speak..!

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