What am I stitching? Part 3

I couldn’t possibly go away for a week and leave you without a single post, could I? Since it’s exactly a week since I last had you try and guess what I’m currently cross stitching, I decided to take the easy route for this one and give you part 3.

Last week, I gave you this photo to base your guesses on:

What am I going to be?
What am I going to be?

Here are the answers:

Lady of the Cakes was unwilling to commit herself too much, but she did spot a little grey cloud of doom on the picture!
Elaine from I Used to be Indecisive thought it might be a green teddy bear sitting astride an ‘arm’ of a star.
Thoughtsy had a few ideas: An angel on a moon…or a banana. Maybe a little kid sleeping on the moon…or a banana.
Janey of Is That You Darling? initially wanted to suggest a canary, but decided the yellow thing probably is a moon after all.
Linda of Expat Eye on Latvia came up with the hilarious suggestion of a leprechaun with an egg-shaped head, kicking his heels together as he dances a jig in his green booties. For some reason I can’t explain, a banana is throwing up a little in the background. I almost wish it was that!
Gina4Star‘s answer was “a banana boat in the (green) sea?! Or more topically, I think it might be an angel.
Someone calling themselves JJ asked “Is it a baby climbing a banana?“. I can neither confirm nor deny that at this point, JJ.
Elaine from I Used to be Indecisive then returned with another guess: A dragon!
Then JP, aka Pining Liwasan, came up with this: “A hungry bear eating a loaf of bread, resting his back on something“, the something being either a moon or a yellow tree trunk.
And finally, I asked Jan what it looked like to him, and his response was “A woman dancing“. The grey thing is her hat, she’s rather well endowed, and the yellow is a spotlight shining on her.

Lots of fun guesses… and lots of bananas! Let’s see what you all come up with for this week’s picture:

Is it becoming clearer?... Or more difficult?
Does this make things any easier? 😉

Also, Lady of the Cakes asked whether there would be a prize. So, I’m thinking German chocolate. The only question now is does the first person to guess (or come close to) the right answer win, or do I send the goodies to whoever’s answer I like best? Decisions, decisions…

8 thoughts on “What am I stitching? Part 3

  1. oh! no longer a banana, no longer a green sea, and certainly no longer an angel! I’m now going to guess a slim French (purely based on the green beret) cradling a baby by candlelight…

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