NOT weigh-in Wednesday

It should be weigh-in Wednesday today, but it’s not. That would be because at the time of writing this it was not actually Wednesday and I had no idea what my measurements would be by the time the post actually appeared on my blog (the joys of scheduling). Also, I am currently still in England and definitely did not drag my scales over with me! So instead of measurements, have a healthy(ish) recipe.

I made this for curry night. One of my friends is not only lactose intolerant, but actually allergic to dairy products… meaning that even if you buy lactose free things, it doesn’t stop the runny nose. But you can’t have an Indian meal without mango lassi! So I thought for a while, then came up with a way to make it so it was not only lactose, but also dairy free. And it’s not entirely unhealthy… Here’s how I did it:

Dairy-free Mango Lassi

2 tins of mango slices
1 tin of coconut milk (I used the Bamboo Garden reduced fat type)
About 2 teaspoons honey
The juice of half a lemon
1 heaped teaspoon of Garam Masala (optional)

1. Blend together the mangoes (syrup included) and coconut milk, either in an actual blender or using a handheld one (like me!)
2. Add in the honey and bled some more
3. Add the lemon juice then the Garam Masala and stir well
4. Place in the fridge until you’re ready to serve it

And that’s it! I was worried that it might be a little thin due to the lack of yoghurt, but after refrigeration it was just as thick and smooth as an ordinary mango lassi… and it tasted pretty authentic, too!

With the mangos and coconut milk I used, a 200 ml glass of this came to roughly 215 calories.


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