Weigh-in Wednesday: Post-England

I couldn’t resist eating one of these in England! (Photo credit: James F Clay)

Amazingly, I didn’t actually put on any weight in England… despite the carvery meal (followed by ice cream) with my grandparents, the Cadbury’s Wispa, the Frazzles, the picnic where I ate two pork pies and 3 mini pieces of millionaire’s shortbread, and, of course, the amazing curry for mam’s birthday!In fact, my weight has actually gone down… two weeks ago, I was 0.5 kg below my starting weight… now I’m another 1 kg down from that, meaning I’ve lost 1.5 kg altogether!

So, all good on the weight front. Percent body fat is looking less pleasing though. After recording 27.8% two Wednesdays ago, I’m sad to report that this morning’s measurement was 30%, back up to where I started. Boooo!

My waistline measurement is exactly the same as it was two weeks ago… 77.5 cm.Β  The day after I came back from England I measured a heart-stopping 79 cm, but since then it’s consistently been 77.5, so that’s alright then.

Free coiled tape measure healthy living stock ...
Photo Β© 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography

So far this week, I have done no exercise… what with coming home for the suitcase on Monday, meaning I had to work an extra hour to make up for time lost sitting on a train, then going out for a meal with colleagues last night (we do this every month) and not getting home til after 9 p.m. I didn’t really do any exercise in England either… pretty sure walking round clothes shops doesn’t count! πŸ˜‰ So tonight is the night for getting back on track. Two weeks yesterday til my birthday! Can I get the waistline down to 77 cm by then?

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