What am I stitching? Part 4

Finally… the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for πŸ˜‰ The next installment of “What am I stitching?”.
But first, a look at the guesses from last time.

Here’s the picture I gave you:

cross stitch 3

And here are your responses:

Lady of the Cakes said “WT..?! It appears to be some ghoulish green creature with a bow in its hair making a BOMB!!!!!” And if I now get lots of people coming to my blog looking for instructions on bomb making I know who to blame πŸ˜‰

Elaine from I Used to be Indecisive guessed that the picture is one big teddy, sitting.

Alex from Ifs, Ands & Butts thought it might be a little girl knitting.

Linda of Expat Eye on Latvia suggested “Maybe a chicken? But a KFC genetically-modified one so it can’t lift its arse off the ground.” If KFC chickens are green, I’m not sure I want to eat there any more…

Tina in Germany‘s idea was someone playing an instrument on the moon… like a violin or something. Or else a leprechaun sliding down a banana.

And finally, Gina 4 Star decided to go with “a slim French (purely based on the green beret) cradling a baby by candlelight

Jan wouldn’t give me a proper guess this time, claiming it looked like nothing much – although he did say “whatever it is, it has a green bow on its head.”

So, there you have it. Some interesting guesses. And far fewer bananas this time!

While I was in England, I worked on my cross stitch every minute that I could and managed to add quite a bit more to the picture. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Cross stitch 4

Now, ready, set… guess!

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