Final Friday letters before 30!

This is the last time I’ll be writing Friday letters as a twenty-something. Let’s all take a moment to consider that, shall we?

OK, enough considering. On with the letters!

George VI Postbox, Stragglethorpe, Lincolnshire
George VI Postbox, Stragglethorpe, Lincolnshire (Photo: Lincolnian (Brian))

Dear twenties.  You were an interesting decade. I graduated with 2:1 for my Bachelor’s degree, completed a Master’s, spent a year abroad in Germany, lived in Austria for ten months… then moved back to Germany, both loved (in Austria) and hated (in Germany) being a language assistant, decided I wanted to be a translator, completed a year long internship, worked for a not-so-nice company before finding my current job (which I’ll have been at for 4 years in September), travelled a lot, became an older sister for the third time… aged 23!, lost some friends, found out some other people never were friends… but also gained some friends who are way more amazing than those other people ever will be!! It’s been a rollercoaster, but overall the highs have outweighed the lows. I wonder what the next ten years will bring?

Dear readers. Sorry that first letter was so long! I hope you’re still with me 😉

Dear Frauenarzt. (Oh, alright – gynaecologist for the non-German speakers amongst you ;-)) Thank you for being so nice and patient… and from understanding that the scary Frauenarzt chair of doooom is kind of disturbing if you’ve never seen one before! (Yes people, I actually did it… I went and got my smear test done in Germany and lived to tell the tale!).

Dear work. I’d appreciate it if you could be less busy next week! I have two days off and I’d prefer not to spend the evenings of the other three doing overtime to catch up…

Dear Googlers. (Yes, that is a word!) Why have so many of you have found my blog recently by searching for “Tina Dico pregnant”? I’m just a fan… I have no idea whether she’s pregnant or not! She did have a baby last year though…

Dear Rocky Horror Show. I’m excited to see you on Sunday, but also intrigued as to what you’re going to be like in German!

Right, that’s it. I have things to do now. Have a great weekend everyone!



10 thoughts on “Final Friday letters before 30!

  1. YAAAY! For getting your PAP done! Allow me to go on a little tangent, would you?
    Yes, it sucks. It´s embarassing, and a little uncomfortable…..for like 5 or 10 minutes. It´s also a cheap, easy, relatively non invasive test that saves lives.
    I know a little more than the average person about this, because a few years ago, my friend died of cervical cancer. Here´s the thing. Noone needs to die of cervical cancer. (Okay, not NOONE, but this particular cancer is 99% CURABLE when caught early). My friend Cary Anne did not go to the gyn for years. She had insurance, she just hated going. So she didn´t.
    Until she had symptoms which FORCED her to go. She was diagnosed at age 36 with Stage IVB cervical cancer. She died, leaving her son motherless, and countless people heartbroken, just 3 months later.
    Dear ladies, GET YOUR PAPS DONE!
    Dear gents, ASK the women in your life when the last time was that they got a pap.
    Rant over.

      1. And good for you!!! Seriously, I am sooo passionate about paps it´s a little crazy. Yes, everything is fine, I had posted about a local festival that then must have googled themselves, found my blog post, and they POSTED IT ON THEIR FB PAGE!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!! lol
        Valuable lesson learned. hahahaha

  2. Well done on biting the bullet with the pap. I know it’s embarrassing and kind of humiliating sitting in those stirups but totally worth it. I found out in April that I had pre-cervical cancer cells and only found out thanks to a pap. It’s now being treated in good time and I have nothing to worry about. 1 yearly pap (as it is in Germany) can make a huge difference.

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