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Smile… it’s your birthday!


(My birthday, that is.)
I know you’re all waiting for an update on the cross stitch situation, and I promise I have a post in the pipeline, but for now you’re just going to hve to wait. Today is my birthday, and there shall be no fulfilling of obligations on my birthday, blogging or otherwise!

So, here’s what I ate for tea last night as my last meal in my twenties, because I’m just that fabulous!

You're never too old for a smiley dinner!

You’re never too old for a smiley dinner!

Later, I might post a photo of my birthday presents for you. Or I might not. Right now, Jan is cooking me my special birthday breakfast, then we’re off to Strasbourg for the day… where there will definitely be cake! The French are good at sweet things.

Author: bevchen

No longer twenty-something, but still unmarried and unchildrened, English girl. After 8 and a half years in Germany, I'm now trying to figure out life in Switzerland! I work at a translation company and am slightly obsessed with books and travel. I also cross stitch.

29 thoughts on “Smile… it’s your birthday!

  1. Congrats, again, this time on the right day😉
    Cake pics pls!

  2. Happy happy birthday!
    I LOVE smiley potato faces. I think I’d have those if it was my birthday, too. Especially after all the rain yesterday, they seem like the right thing to eat.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day and having your breakfast cooked for you is great start.:)

  4. Happy Birthday! And omg I love potato smileys!

  5. Love the plan of not working on your birthday. Any chance you are the reason I got called into work today for a ´´big reservation´´?

  6. So if you were on death row, would you last meal include smiley face potatoes, too?

  7. Happiest of birthdays to you!! Today is a great milestone and it sounds like you’re celebrating it the right way! xoxo

  8. Happy happy birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day with lots of cake! And more smiley potatoes!

  9. Have a wonderful birthday, and may your thirties be absolutely fabulous, dahling!

  10. Happy birthday! Hope you had a smiley breakfast too!:)

  11. Oh I missed your birthday! A belated very happy 30th! Just catching up with posts so I’m looking forward to reading all about it, I hope you had a lovely time, and love the smiley potatoes! yay!:)

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