Friday Letters: I just want to sleep!!

I have been exhausted all week. Exhausted I’m telling you! And I have no idea why. I’ve actually managed to get to bed at a reasonable-ish time every night this week (before 11 anyway). This never happens and is the reason I’m pretty much always tired. And now, the one week that I actually manage to get some sleep (mainly because I didn’t have the energy to do anything other than go to bed!) I’m even more tired than usual. What’s that all about?! Meh.
Anyway… letters time.

Photo credit: Toronto Rob

Dear weekend. Welcome back It seems like forever since I last saw you!

Dear little brother. Happy Birthday for Sunday. Seven years old already… unbelievable.

Dear Bierbörse (annual beer festival thing). I may be exhausted, but I’m still coming to visit you tonight.

worcester sauce crisps
It’s a good job these aren’t permanently available in Germany… (Photo credit: leff)

Dear Karstadt. Loving your British Isles week! (And thank you K for telling me about it). I came in intending to only buy one or two little things, but that went right out the window when I discovered the Walkers crisps. Chicken flavour? Worcester Sauce flavour? Prawn Cocktail flavour? Get in my belly!!! (I *may* also have purchased Digestive Biscuits and Liquorice Allsorts… and be considering going back tomorrow for Cadburys chocolate and some tins of Spaghetti Loops…)

Dear coffee machine. Suddenly, I’m extremely glad I used some of my Bahn Bonus points to get you. Caffeine will definitely be needed before I go out!

Dear work. You keep switching between ridiculously quiet – to the point where I struggle to find anything to do –  and stupidly busy… as in loads of overtime busy. Could you maybe find a happy medium?

That’s all from me. I actually need to do some work now 😉 Have a wonderful weekend everybody!



13 thoughts on “Friday Letters: I just want to sleep!!

  1. Exhausted doesn´t begin to describe it. I was sooo looking forward to going out with my husband tonight, and seeing two of his friends I like very much, and haven´t seen in ages. Now? I´m so exhausted I look forward to kissing him goodbye and climbing into bed before 8.

    1. I should probably mention that I have never tried worcester sauce but I am just fascinated by all the different types of chips you can get. 🙂 I love vinegar chips so much!

      1. I’m not a fan of ordinary Salt & Vinegar crisps – they burn my lips. I do like sea salt and cider vinegar flavour though. Yep, I’m weird 😉

        Worcester Sauce is an acquired taste, I think. I love it on cheese and toast and I put it in my spag bol. The irish pub used to have Worcester Sauce flavour crisps – a friend of my boyfriend was saying how awful they must be, so I bought a packet, gave him one and he ended up buying two more packets! Ha!

  2. Sometimes I think you feel more tired the more sleep you get. I know it sounds stupid but I think your body is like “This is how much sleep I want all the time, now give me more!” If you can stick to the same bedtime as much as possible, I think the tiredness will abate!

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