Look Up, Look Down – Luzern

For the past two weeks, my photo for Travel With Intent’s Look Up, Look Down challenge have involved looking up, so this time I decided to go with the opposite. The following photos were taken in Luzern, Switzerland (or Lucerne, if you prefer the English spelling):

 Luzern 1


As you can see, both photos show the city from above. A large section of Luzern’s city walls is still intact, complete with towers, and you can walk along the walls for an amazing view of the city below. And for a bonus picture, here you have me looking down from Luzern’s city walls.

Luzern 3

To see how other people have interpreted the Look Up, Look Down theme and to join in yourself, check out Travel With Intent’s blog post.

10 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down – Luzern

  1. Great photos of a beautiful place. I particularly like the composition of the first one with the river cutting through and snowy peaks in the background. It is great to have you in the challenge again this week.

  2. Oooh that’s lovely! What a gorgeous town. We had training all day at work today (and tomorrow) with some people who had flown in especially from Switzerland! Haha, that’s probably not an interesting connection sorry, but as Switzerland isn’t huge on entering my radar, it’s funny to have two blips on one day!

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