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Hello autumn!


Fallen leaves in the Schlosspark

Fallen leaves in the Schlosspark

Today is the official first day of autumn and the sun is actually shining, so when Jan went out to vote I decided to join him for a walk. I had my camera along with me so I was able to capture the first signs of autumn just for you guys.

Still mostly green... but slowly starting to change

Still mostly green… but slowly starting to change

Once Jan had voted (as a non-German national, I’m only allowed to vote in local elections), we headed towards the Schlosspark to continue our walk. I was wearing my denim jacket, but it was so warm that I ended up taking it off and carrying it! Here are some photos of the first day of autumn in Karlsruhe’s Sclosspark.

Author: bevchen

No longer twenty-something, but still unmarried and unchildrened, English girl. After 8 and a half years in Germany, I'm now trying to figure out life in Switzerland! I work at a translation company and am slightly obsessed with books and travel. I also cross stitch.

11 thoughts on “Hello autumn!

  1. Just in case you didn’t see already – I awarded you the Liebster Award. Yay! Check it out here –

  2. Lovely! It’s pissing it down here😦

  3. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love fall colors and miss that just a tiny bit.:)

  4. Your autumn is definitely looking waaay nicer than ours! It’s been cold and rainy for weeks!

  5. I love fall and I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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