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Christmas is on its way…


Us mere mortals may believe that autumn has only just arrived, but the shops, as usual, are one step ahead. If you wanted pumpkins and squirrels, you should have gone shopping back in August. Now is the time for tinsel and glitter and all things festive.

Walking through the train station on my way back from work, I spotted a stand full of what I am forced to describe as Christmas tree “ornaments” for want of a better word. I’m used to plastic tat at Christmastime, of course – the UK isn’t exactly known for its tasteful decorations! But these things take it to a whole new level.

I had to take the photos surreptitously using my phone, so the quality isn’t the best, but even the world’s most amazing camera couldn’t have done much to make these things looks good…

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Needless to state, there shall be no glittery, bowler-hatted crocodiles or giraffes(?) in tutus gracing my living room this Christmas!

Author: bevchen

No longer twenty-something, but still unmarried and unchildrened, English girl. After 8 and a half years in Germany, I'm now trying to figure out life in Switzerland! I work at a translation company and am slightly obsessed with books and travel. I also cross stitch.

18 thoughts on “Christmas is on its way…

  1. Heathen. Didn’t you know that there were sequinned, bowler-hatted giraffes and crocodiles around Jesus’ manger?!😉

  2. I actually kind of liked the crocodiles. The rest were far too over-the-top for me! Funny how it’s the exact same display as I saw. I guess that’s how it is for most chain stores like Nanu Nana! I’m glad I got my autumn stuff while I still could! The one advantage to this, though, is that if you wait until it’s actually time for the seasonal items, you can usually get them on sale by then!

    • I’m still not even sure what half of them are… the giraffe thing is a complete guess, based on the fact that it’s orange with giraffey looking markings… neck is too short really though:-/

  3. Crocodiles = awesomeness in any and all contexts.

  4. Good grief! What sort of Christmas tree is going to be adorned by these? Actually though, perhaps they are soooo awful that they are actually quite good! :)

  5. Wow, I thought American shops were the only ones already going crazy with Christmas. TV ads are already talking about not letting Christmas shopping sneak up on you… I LOOOOVE Christmas but I feel this is way too early! lol

  6. Haha, nice! I need to get those for Christmas this year!

  7. Amazing. Just amazing! In a truly awful way. One of the girls in work said she went shopping the other day to a store here and it was already fully decorated and playing christmas music! The poor staff – 4 months of christmas music! Ridiculous.

  8. I can safely say that i have never ever seen anything quite like it…

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