Friday letters (October already?!)

Apparantly my company is one of very few that isn’t closed for the bridge day today… at least judging by how empty my train to work was. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so many free seats! Half of my colleagues were off work, too, but my English colleague wanted to go away for the weekend and I need to save the rest of my holiday for Christmas so it’s business as usual for me…

Walking Past Nice Post Boxes
Pretty post boxes (Photo credit: Urban Combing (Ultrastar175g))

Dear October. I think I’ve said this to every month since July, but how is it you’re here already?! I’m not ready for the tenth month!

Dear Trier. After wanting to visit for about two years, I will finally be seeing you tomorrow. Hurrah!

Dear quiz team. First place… we rock! Same again next month? 😉

Dear boyfriend. I hope we can book a hotel for Austria tonight. 1 November isn’t all that far away…

Dear weather. You’ve been reasonable all week… thanks for sending rain just in time for the weekend!

Dear flat. I like the new arrangement of furniture in the living room. It looks much less crowded! We are also making tentative plans for the spare bedroom and corridor. Exciting stuff 😉

Happy weekend everyone! I hope it’s a good one and the weather is slightly better in your part of the world!



9 thoughts on “Friday letters (October already?!)

  1. What is your bridge day in honour of? Do the Germans do “viaduct” weekends like the French, where they take off the Friday if it’s the Thursday that is the special day? Happy October, which is my favourite month here in France for fallen leaves, blue sky and mellow lighting. Except today…. it’s raining 😦

    1. It was German reunification day yesterday. The Germans call the day between a holiday and a weekend a “Brpckentag”, which literally translates as “bridge day”. We have a rule at work that only a skeleton staff needs to come in on Brückentage. Other companies (including my boyfriend’s!!) just close completely.

      Raining here too. Boo!

  2. I work in Frankfurt and had to work the Brückentag too. You’d think that if there’s a bank holiday we’d get the day after off too ‘eh? Sheesh :-p

    Nice post:-)

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