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Time to start eating healthily again!


Walkers crisps from the UK

Why must you be so tasty? (Photo credit: suanie)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been letting the fact that I could eat normally again go to my head. Pizza, chips, jaffa cakes, chocolate Digestives and Walkers crisps have all disappeared down my throat like it was the last time I was ever going to be fed. The result? I’ve now put back on half of the weight I had lost thanks to my wisdom tooth operation. Ooops! It’s time for this to stop, and healthy eating to recommence. That’s not to say I won’t be eating any junk food. After all, I do have a sweetie hamper that it would be a shame to let go to waste! And they say a little of what you fancy does you good. But muffins and pizza in the same day? Half a packet of Rolos followed by a bag of crisps and a handful of Liqurice Allsorts? Slightly excessive, don’t you think? It’s got to stop! So, from today, I shall be cooking nice healthy meals again. And no snacking in between! That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how well I stick to it…

And obviously Irish pub days don’t count… I need my fix of chips with salt and vinegar at least once a month!

Author: bevchen

No longer twenty-something, but still unmarried and unchildrened, English girl. After 8 and a half years in Germany, I'm now trying to figure out life in Switzerland! I work at a translation company and am slightly obsessed with books and travel. I also cross stitch.

13 thoughts on “Time to start eating healthily again!

  1. MMMMM chips…. I MEAN… good for you! I am often compromising with myself… “it’s 3pm on Monday and you are craving chocolate. Well, it’s just this once so it’ll be ok…”

    I think having a veggie boyfriend helps me a lot. He thinks a lot about balance in food so when I’m around him I rarely eat bad food.

    • Haha, yeah I do the “just this once” thing as well. Or I’ll think “I’ll eat this chocolate bar and do some extra sit ups tonight to make up for it”, except I never actually get round to doing the sit ups!

      I was doing well before the wisdom teeth came out so I hope I’ll be able to get back on track now I’ve got the “YAY, I can actually open my mouth properly again so I can take a bite of pizza… ooh, and I can CHEW! And I’m not afraid these crisps might stab my wounds!” out of my system.

  2. ps you might want to try Fitblr people on Tumblr. I find it helps me with motivation to stay on track.

  3. Ah, it’s so hard to do here too because the food is so heavy! I am wishing you the best of luck, I’ve been struggling myself to make sure I maintain the weight I lost last year!

    • Thanks! I was doing well before, but after eating almost nothing for two days and then only soup/soft things for nearly two weeks after that, I got slightly overexcited by being able to eat normally again! (Karstadt’s British Isles weeks didn’t help either…)

  4. I could not stop eating Salt&Vinegar chips either. They are just too good! But I am trying to cut down on sweets too. It’s just so hard!

  5. Glad the irish pub makes for the exception. I seirously eat so healthy all the time, except when I’m at work, which is becoming a lot. So I’m going to have to start excluding the irish pub as well

  6. I hear you loud and clear! I always think, “Well, if my body is craving sugar/ salt/ whatever, it obviously knows what it needs, so I should provide it”. But then, like you, I usually provide TOO MUCH. Also, PG has a super-fast metabolism, so he can eat any junk food and not put on a gram, so I also tend to eat more crap when I’m with him. Sigh. It’s an ongoing battle, isn’t it?

  7. Staying in the healthy track isn’t easy, that’s for sure. But I also don’t like to deprive myself. I will have a piece of chocolate when I want one. I run into trouble when I get goodie bags from Germany – than I eat “junk” for days on end!

  8. Me too! I´ve gotten back on the potato chips bandwagon. Must stop now. And, suddenly, had a craving for sweets. Not tooo tooo bad, but I bought a Milka bar (I almost never buy chocolate). Gone in 3 days. Clearly I forgot I was on a diet.

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