The twelve trips challenge

I first read about this challenge on On The Luce’s blog and immediately knew I wanted to join in. Only recently, I was saying to Jan that my goal for next year is to travel more, because I feel like I’ve hardly done anything this year. And what better way to start than by committing to taking one trip per month for the next 12 months?

Ireland viewed from a plane
Ireland viewed from a plane

The great thing about this challenge is that trip is defined as whatever you believe it to be. Three weeks travelling around China? A day spent hiking in some nearby woods? A visit to a part of your own town that you’ve never been to before? All trips! You can make them as big or as small as you like… personally, I’ll be going for a mixture of the two! I have neither the time nor the money to take a big trip every month…

Hiking in the woods in Baden-Baden? Definitely a trip!
Hiking in the woods in Baden-Baden? Definitely a trip!

The “Take 12 Trips” challenge has already started, so I’m going to make October the first month of mine and make our day out in Triberg trip number one.

Following that, Jan and I have plans to go to Austria and Switzerland at the beginning of November.
And beyond that? I’ll have to start having a think… do I want to count a visit home for Christmas as one of my trips, I wonder? And where will we end up going for our traditional New Year’s holiday? Stay tuned…

Wallfahrtskirche, Triberg
Wallfahrtskirche, Triberg

Who wants to join me in taking 12 trips? The challenge is the brainchild of Clare at Need Another Holiday… click on the name of her blog to find out more.

*Update: Since I am now on Twitter, you can follow my progress with this challenge both here on the blog and on Twitter, where I will be using the hashtag #Take12Trips*


28 thoughts on “The twelve trips challenge

  1. I would LOVE to take twelve trips next year. Unfortunately, I already know that’s a no can do. Between money, vacation time and transportation, it just isn’t going to work. Not to say that I won’t be traveling at all… but I really don’t see it happening once a month!

  2. I think this is a great challenge, and it really does make you think about what constitutes an actual “trip” as everyone defines this a bit differently. I bet we do take 12 “trips” a year if loosely defined (train ride to San Francisco, visit to town art museum, hike around lake) but only a couple big vacation trips per year. We have to save our pennies for our Asia trip in the Spring! Look forwarding to seeing where you end up each month.

    1. I couldn’t afford more than 1-2 big trips a year… not to mention that I wouldn’t have enough time! But daytrips are almost always possible. I will be posting about this month’s trip over the next few days.

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