A Photo an Hour: 9 November 2013

Yesterday, I joined up with Jane from Is That You Darling to take one photo each hour. Here are the results.

10 AM ~ Waking up

Check out my starry PJs!
Check out my starry PJs!

11 AM ~ A cup of tea and some cross stitch, while I wait for the washing machine to finish

Tea & cross stitch

12 Noon ~ Lunch time! The remaining bread was a bit stale, so I decided to make eggy bread. I had it with another cup of tea, of course!


1 PM ~ Getting dressed after my shower. Yes, so late. Don’t judge! πŸ˜‰


2:30 PM ~ Cheating slightly because I had no hands to take photos in the supermarket. Coming home with the weekly shop.

shopping bag

3 PM ~ Wrapping a birthday gift that I bought while in town.


4 PM ~ Repainting my nails… silver this time.

nail varnish

5 PM ~ Waiting for Jan to finish getting ready so we could go out! I wasn’t actully doing anything at this point, so I resorted to a selfie…


6 PM ~ Time for whisk(e)y tasting at my favourite Irish pub. Here’s my sheet for writing down what I could smell and taste in each whisk(e)y

whisky sheet

7 PM ~ Roughly an hour into the tasting. On our third whiskey… so far, I only liked the first one!


8 PM ~ Still at the Irish pub. Running out of ideas for photos. Here’s a random ship that was hanging above our table…


9 PM ~ Still at the Irish pub! Here’s a photo of a candle…


10 PM ~ The whiskey tasting included a three course meal. Here’s dessert:

Pancake with icecream

11 PM ~ Still at the Irish pub! Mind now blank! I took a photo of a beer mat…

beer mat

12:20 AM ~ Cheating again because I didn’t want to take yet another photo at the pub! So I waited til we left and took one on our way home.

Karlsruhe night time

1 AM ~ After all that whiskey, a large glass of water was in order before bed.


And there you have it. Apart from the whiskey tasting, that was a pretty normal Saturday for me. Waiting for the washing machine… shopping. The only thing missing was a photo of the hoover (because I didn’t bother with cleaning yesterday!).


29 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour: 9 November 2013

    1. I don’t actually like whiskey either! Not sure why I signed up for it πŸ˜› 3 out of 7 drinkable ones was a good result, I think.

      I have a slight obsession with stars… I have another set of PJs with stars and about 6 star scarves!

  1. My day today looks pretty much the same – my pjs and slippers are almost identical – and I didn’t get dressed until 4.30 so I’m definitely not judging you! On cup of tea number 8 at the moment πŸ˜‰ No whiskey but there will be wine later!!

  2. I love the atmosphere in Irish Pubs! But I have to say that I did not like any of the whiskeys I have tried so far. Maybe I need to give it another shot! I love your PJ’s and the KrΓΌmelmoster shirt!

    1. It was fun… and I’m not even a whiskey drinker!
      The mug is from the Toast & Marmelade series by Emma Bridgewater… my grandma is slowly buying me the whole set. I have the matching teapot, too!

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