Friday letters (working from home)

Today is a special Friday because I’m working from home. We’re getting new windows put in at work, and that means I can’t be in my office because 1) It will be cold and 2) It will be loud. The good thing about working from home is I get to have a lie in but still start work at my normal time. Also, I can have as many cups of tea as I want! Actually, I can do that at work as well, but I only drink fruit tea there (which isn’t really tea at all!) because the milk we have is UHT milk and tea with that in tatses awful! Anyway, enough rambling… letters!

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Dear grandpa. I’m so glad to hear your operation went well! I hope things continue to progress positively and you can come home in time for the weekend.

Dear sister. Thank you for keeping me up to date on grandpa’s condition.

Dear boyfriend. I find it very unfair that you get to go to South America for two weeks while I’m stuck here in the cold! Enjoy your conference and (especially) the free week after it. And no getting ill!! There’s been more than enough of that this year!

Dear K (who might even actually read this!). Have fun in Scotland and enjoy Dr Who!

Dear self. I’ve said this before, but seriously… you need to stop eating so much! A whole (large!) bar of chocolate before dinner the other day was neither big nor clever…

Dear New Year. We have finally decided where we’re going for you and booked flights. Madeira it is. I can’t wait!

As always, I wish you all a happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!



25 thoughts on “Friday letters (working from home)

    1. Thank you! My grandma said it went much better than the doctors expected.

      I am TOTALLY jealous of my boyfriend. When he found out his paper had been accepted he asked if I wanted to go with him… but I have no holiday left (except what I need for Christmas). Who saves up holiday until November just in case their boyfriend gets accepted for a conference in South America?! Gah!!

    1. Actually, it’s not! He’s at a conference for a week then he’s taken an extra week to go travelling on his own time. His theory is there’s no point in flying all the way out there to only see the inside of a conference room!

  1. What a lovely idea to do all the letters … I think it is nice to write in this way.

    I hope your grandpa continues to get better and that you have a productive day (or had, as it is probably at the end of a working day for you and lunch time for me)!

  2. Wow, Madeira! Lucky you! At least you have something to look forward to while Jan is sunning himself (and working hard, I expect!). Glad to hear that your grandpa is on the mend 🙂

  3. Oooh I’ve always fancied Madeira! Enjoy! Ben has just been away to the States for 2 weeks meanwhile I was home ill! So glad all went well for Uncle Jim x

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