Things I do when I’m home alone

I actually stole the idea for this post from Katrin at Landy of Candycanes… it seemed somehow appropriate seeing as I am, in fact, currently home alone. Katrin did it is part of Random Thursday, but I obviously can’t do that  seeing as today is, in fact, not Thursday.

Things I do when I’m home alone

Not cook proper meals. Unless I’m really craving something, when I’m home alone meals do not involve any chopping, peeling or crushing. If it can’t a) be heated up in boiling water (hello Kartoffelknödel!), b) be shoved in the oven, c) be poured from a tin into a saucepan and then heated or d) be made in the toaster I ain’t eating it!

Watch TV. We’ve only had a TV since this year – and we only bought it because in Germany you now have to pay for a TV licence whether you actually have one or not, so I still haven’t got used to having it around. Also, when Jan’s home I’m usually too busy doing bloggy type stuff, cleaning and cooking after work to switch on the TV, so it tends to only be on if we’re watching a DVD or if Jan switches it on to watch the news or some history/nature programme. But when he’s away, I will occasionally look for some programme that doesn’t require the use of my brain (no history documentaries here!), make a cuppa and then sit back and enjoy.

Leave the dishes for a few days. When I’m not cooking full on meals, I don’t use as many dishes… and I also don’t need to wash half the things in my kitchen just so I can get started on cooking! One small saucepan, a cup and plate don’t need to be washed up straight away, right?

Eat peanuts. Jan is allergic to peanuts, so usually I try not to have anything containing them in the house. He’s not severely allergic.. so it’s not like he’s going to die if I open a packet of peanuts near him… but the symptoms he gets are pretty annoying, so to be considerate I simply don’t buy anything with peanuts in. When he’s away, all that goes out the window. Peanut M&Ms? Gimmeeee! (And yes, I will eat an entire large bag in one sitting. Who knows when I’ll next be able to eat peanut M&Ms?)

Go to bed early. I knoooow, totally pathetic. But when Jan is home, we don’t even eat until 8:30 p.m. at the earliest (I actually have a rule that if he isn’t home by 8:30, I will eat by myself, but often enough I misjudge the time cooking will take and it’s not even ready until closer to 9). If I try to go to bed on a full stomach, sleep is not going to happen, so I usually don’t make it to bed until around midnight… and I have to be up at 6. When I’m home alone, I occasionally manage to be in bed early enough to get a whole 8 hours of sleep!

That’s all. It doesn’t seem like much, but with the hours Jan works I’m basically home alone most of the time anyway. The only difference is, when he’s in town I do expect him to be home at some point so I will actually cook real food and wash the dishes ready for his arrival (leaving me no time for TV!).

What do you like to do when you’re home alone?

26 thoughts on “Things I do when I’m home alone

  1. I’m right there with you on the first 3– but I’m always home alone… which means I’m always eating low-effort meals, binging on TV (okay, Netflix…) and NOT doing the dishes 🙂

    Other things… chasing my dog around the house like a maniac and losing things. Everything. I think I have elves living in the walls and they like to play tricks.

    1. Ooh, I hadn’t thought of that 😉 The excuse is that loads of people are watching TV shows on their computers these days and getting round the licensing laws that way so it’s best to just make everybody pay. Because I’m suuuure old people use computers to watch TV! My mum’s mum wouldn’t even know how to connect to the Internet never mind watch TV on it!

      The most annoying part is that public TV stations show adverts. Why am I paying for your channels when you get funding through advertising anyway?!

  2. Home alone in the evening. Hmm. It never happens in a house with a hubby and three offspring. In my previous life, I’d have a looooooong bubble bath complete with a good book, candles and music playing, then whop on my jammies, eat some junk food in front of the telly and mooch off for an early bed in the company of a damp book and a cup of tea.

  3. I’m home alone all the time – and I love it! Pjs and dressing gown on the sofa, pizza, wine, TV, arsing around on the net – unfortunately sometimes I have to work and cook something that contains veg 😉

    1. Veg? Isn’t that what vegetable soup is for? 😉
      Just kidding – if I lived alone I would cook proper meals eventually, if only out of sheer boredom, but the way things are now it’s nice to have a break from real cooking once in a while!

  4. Thanks so much for this post! You rock! 🙂 And by the way, you are allowed to link up on a Friday too! It’s even okay when you link up next Wednesday! 🙂
    I am a late eater also! I normally don’t eat dinner before 8:30 either. So you are not alone!

  5. Love this post. Wow, some of this sounds like exactly what I do when I am home alone. I really relish the occasional evening alone. But the best is when I am traveling on business and get pampered by being in a hotel alone (no cleaning, no dishes, delivery or room service, go to bed whenever!).

  6. I’m **always** alone when I’m at home. I watch far too much television when I’m at home. I eat like a ten year old. I leave clutter everywhere. I stay up far too late even though I love sleeping a little too much.

  7. Haha I do the same thing with cooking. I eat cereal when he’s not home…and sometimes when he is. He went to a birthday party last night and I went to bed early after falling asleep on the couch watching the Big Bang Theory. But then I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and couldn’t breathe anymore (my nose is soooo stuffy!) and couldn’t fall back asleep. So much for getting extra sleep by going to bed early!

    Love your Christmasy new background! 🙂

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