The big reveal: Part 2

I think I’ve kept you in suspense for long enough, so here’s the final post on my five truths and a lie. Just to recap, here are my original six statements:

1. While at university, I got paid to kiss one of my friends.
2. When I was 17, I got incredibly drunk at my mate’s birthday party and threw up all over the floor (and myself)  in the toilets.
3. I could read before I started school
4. I was conceived on my mum’s 19th birthday
5. One of my earliest memories involves checking under a car for bombs.
6. During my first year at university, I had a one night stand with my flatmate’s ex-boyfriend.

I have already revealed that numbers 2 and 5 were TRUE.

Of the remaining statements, number 4 has one vote, while a grand total of seven people now think number 6 is the lie. Who got it right? Did anybody? Let’s find out, shall we…

Number 1… While at university, I got paid to kiss one of my friends is TRUE!

Just a kiss
Photo credit: mgbon – graça neves

What I didn’t say in the statement was that my friend is female, and the person who paid us to kiss was male. It was on the last day of term, an event known as Drink the Bar Dry (can you guess what that involved?). We had been offered payment to kiss at some point during the day and said we might do it at the evening part. Ironically, the person who had offered us a pound didn’t even see the kiss! He was incredibly drunk and managed to get himself extracted from the queue while we waiting to enter the student union for the evening’s drinking sesion… He still paid up though. The same guy had confessed his love for me during a previous drunken night – despite the fact that he was engaged at the time! My former flat mate also managed to miss the kiss, despite the fact that he was standing right next to me and it wasn’t exactly a quick peck! In case you were wondering, the kiss did nothing for me…

Number 3… I could read before I started school is TRUE!

Nobody guessed this one… I suppose it must have been too easy or something? I don’t actually remember when I learned to read, but both my parents assure me it was while I was still in nursery and I believe them. My dad likes to tell a story about a time he was walking somewhere with me when I was about three years old. Apparantly, I tugged on his hand, pointed to a wall and said “Look Daddy, somebody’s spelled ‘where’ wrong!”. No prizes for guessing what the word really was….

Number 6… During my first year at university, I had a one night stand with my flatmate’s ex-boyfriend is TRUE!

In my defence, I didn’t know he was my flatmate’s ex at the time! He had come over from America to visit his “friend” Sarah… or so I thought. It was only after I drunkenly slept with him that he told me she had been his girlfriend… right up until she came to pick him up at the airport and informed him she’d been seeing a French guy pretty much since she arrived in the UK. Ouch! No breaking of the girl code here… she deserved it!

So that only leaves one more statement…

Photo credit: mcritz

Number 4… I was conceived on my mum’s 19th birthday is a LIE!

It could have been true… my mum is pretty young But if you had been paying close attention back in the summer, you would have realised that, actually, the dates don’t match up. I wrote a letter to my mum on her 50th birthday on 26th July… and turned 30 myself on 13th August. So although I was conceived when my mum was 19, it was definitely not on her birthday (unless she managed to have a pregnancy that lasted over a year…).

That would mean one person guessed correctly… congratulations to Fay at Fly on the Wall! If you feel like dropping me an e-mail with your adddress, I’m sure a chocolate-y prize can be arranged…
And that’s the end of the game.  I hope you all enjoyed playing along. If you decide to do your own post, leave me a comment so I can come and take my guess.


20 thoughts on “The big reveal: Part 2

  1. OK, my maths is bad… counting months clearly isn’t my forte 😉
    I enjoyed the shagging-flatmate’s-ex story. Usually, it’s some silly girl jetting across the globe to chase after a guy for whom she was but a bit of an exotic diversion during his semester abroad, it’s heartening to hear it the other way around every once in a while.

    1. LOL, i don’t think anybody remembered that those two posts came close together 😉

      In this case, my flatmate was American and she dumped her long-term boyfriend for the semester abroad romance! I never heard from her again after she left… would have loved to know how things turned out!

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