Linkies {Filler post}

Oh, hi there!
Apologies forthe radio silence over the past couple of days… I’ve been given a big translation job at work which will keep me busy right up until we close for Christmas and actually means I need to do overtime for the next two weeks for there to be any chance of meeting the deadline. The result of this is a) I’m notdoing anything worth posting about and b) I have neither the time nor energy to think of other things to post about. I can’t even do a recipe post for you because I’m cooking while doing other things, so it’s just a case of chucking a few ingredients in a pan then running from the room to get on with sorting washing/writing Christmas cards/doing more work. No time to take food photos! Soooo, to tide you over for the time being, here are a few links to things that have caght my interest lately:

That’s all for today. I hope I’ll be back with a real post soon! In the mean time feel free to share any interesting links of your own in the comments box…

16 thoughts on “Linkies {Filler post}

  1. It seems like quite a few of us are snowed under at the moment with our poor blogs being neglected… no worries, it happens! Thanks for popping in and posting that American vs English, English link, checking it out now… πŸ™‚

  2. I can commiserate. Between my job, the hubby’s new job and taking care of the kids and house, blogging has taken a serious hit for me!!! Hope all goes well with the project. And I love your Christmas look on the blog!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Technically I’m not, but my parents are from the North and I moved there when I was 13. I usually don’t spak with a northern accent because nobody understands me but it comes back out when I’m home πŸ˜€

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