Friday letters (still busy)

Aaah, FINALLY it is Friday – and let me tell you the weekend is much needed! It has been a crazily busy week. But even now the weekend is here I won’t be relaxing. Tomroow, I’m makingmy traditional English Christmas dinner for German friends – plus one Scottish girl – which means a day in the kitchen. At least that’s a fun kind of busy though. And the good news is, I’ve managed to get further than expected with my big translation job, so I shouldn’t need to work quite as many hours as feared next week…

Letter to Santa
Photo credit: moonlightbulb

Dear boyfriend. Thank you for suggesting we eat at the Irish pub on Wednesday. I know you had an ulterior motive, but it was nice of you to notice how stressed I was and say it would save me from having to cook.

Dear Germany. The Local tells me you are falling out of love with Lebkuchen. Are you mad? I’ll have your share if you don’t want it…

Dear Christmas gifts on order. Please hurry up and arrive! The day I need to leave for England is rapidly approaching…

Dear turkey. I know you’re huge, but please be defrosted in time to go in the oven!

Dear 2013. You haven’t been the best year of my life and I can’t wait for you to be over! Here’s hoping 2014 brings more travel and less illness…

Dear readers. Please bear with me for a few more weeks. I’m going to be very busy between now and Christmas! And whileΒ  I do have some posts for scheduled over Christmas/New Year, I’m going to be away for both so don’t be too upset if it takes me a while to get round to answering comments…

P.S. Please got to Diaries of an Essex Girl’s blog and read her post on Labels Agianst Women then leave a comment – this is something that NEEDS to be discussed by as many people (male and female) as possible.

22 thoughts on “Friday letters (still busy)

  1. I need to say this to my readers too for the next 2 weeks my blog is ggoing to be all over the place.

    Thank you so much for sharing my post! I am so glad others feel passionately about this too.

  2. I feel you, seems like the weeks are just flying by! I think getting everything done before Christmas is what they mean when they say “Christmas magic”. Enjoy your dinner tomorrow, this weekend I am cooking some traditional Christmas cookies for a group of Icelanders, with my luck having them all in the kitchen watching will cause me to burn the cookies! Enjoy your weekend:)

  3. I love lebkuchen. Share? Good luck with your workload – if it’s any consolation, I’m in the same boat until the New Year. I’m jealous- have a lovely yime at home and say hello to carol singing, mince pies and Yorkire pudding from me (obviously not all mixed together. That would be sticky and vile).

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