Mmm, cheesy!

I prefer my cheese on my plate, thanks very much!
I prefer my cheese on my plate, thanks very much!

My train home from work is one of the main commuter trains and accordingly is always full. Most days, I don’t even bother looking for a seat – mine is the next stop and by the time I find somewhere to sit, it’s usually time to get up again. So usually I wait until everybody else has got on and the doors have closed then perch myself on the step. It’s not the most comfortable positions, but for 20 minutes I can deal with it. Yes, you sometimes get a wet arse if it’s raining – but it’s okay, my coat’s waterproof. Yes, the step is cold and pretty hard – numb bum central! But I have enough padding down there to make it bearable 😉 However, there is one thing that regularly makes me wish my journey was just a little bit shorter… or it was the olden days and I could carry smelling salts around with me. It’s when another passenger comes and stands right in front of me… and I can smell their feet! Obviously not everybody is guilty of this, but when a stinky-footed person does come and stand next to me, it takes all my will power not to ask them to move.

Dear train travellers, if you think your feet may be a bit whiffy please don’t shove them under the nose of some poor, unsuspecting person sitting on the floor! (In case you were wondering, this happened to me just yesterday… hence the post).


18 thoughts on “Mmm, cheesy!

  1. Eww! I was on a bus here once and a guy got on – jesus, I’ve never smelled anything like him. The whole bus was retching – and it was the bus from the airport so full of newly-arrived tourists 😉 I swore I could still smell him on my hair and my clothes days later… He also had something resembling a bullet hole in his head but it may not have been…

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