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Monte, Madeira


Monte is a suburb of Funchal, located in the mountains up above it. During our holiday, we actually went up there twice… once by car up the incredibly steep hills! I’m talkig so steep that I actually found myself wondering whether the car was actually going to make it… visions of us sliding back down the hill definitely entered my mind once our twice! The second time, we went up by cable car and back down in a wicker toboggan…

The view from the cable car station in Monte

The view from the cable car station in Monte

Monte houses two main attractions, the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte church, where Emperor Charles I of Austria, the last rule of the Austro-Hungarian empire is buried, and the tropical garden. Obviosuly I took lots of pictures of plants in the tropical garden, but I shall try not to bore you with too many of them😉

From the tropical gardens, we could see people going down the mountain the famous Monte wicker toboggans. Of course we wanted a go, too even though it’s really expensive! Here’s what they look like… and yes, that is an actual road with actual cars on it! I actually bought our official photo (they had a guy taking photos halfway down), which I know is a total tourist con, but it’s not like I could take a photo of us myself and I wanted the souvenir! I would show you the photo, but Jan wouldn’t like me plastering his photo all over the Internet…

I've blurred out the tourists' faces to avoid getting in trouble...

I’ve blurred out the tourists’ faces to avoid getting in trouble…

The toboggan takes you down 2km, to the suburb of Livramento. Once there, you can either take a taxi the rest of the way down (there are loads hanging around), or walk as we did. If you choose to walk, you get to go down a street with some beautiful flowers! Literally everyone was stopping to take photos there…

Our ticket to the tropical gardens also included a free taster glass of Madeira wine at the cafe, and Jan also decided to sample some Madeira honey cake (I had an icecream to cool down, but I did try his cake and can confirm that it was delicious). This set us up nicely for our next stop… after wicker tobogganing it down, we had a tour of Blandy’s Wine Lodge complete with Madeira wine tasting booked… but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to hear a bit about that. This post is long enough!

Madeira wine

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23 thoughts on “Monte, Madeira

  1. Such beautiful flowers, I am missing colorful flowers and trees in the dead of winter. That hill looks so steep, can’t wait to read about my favorite activity wine tasting tomorrow!

  2. Oh! I miss Maderia so much! did you have a lovely time?

  3. Wow, this looks beautiful! I always take lots of close ups of flowers and various plants too😉.


    • I didn’t know about the toboggans beforehand, but as soon as I saw them I was like “I don’t care what it costs… I AM having a go at that!!”. It costs something like €30 for 2 people, but personally I think it’s worth it. You can save money on other stuff, but the toboggan ride SO has to be done!!

  5. Yes! The honey cake! Now you are a complete human being:)

  6. The toboggan must have been quite a thrill ride – I’m not sure I’d fancy it! Did you have to wear seat belts? :)

  7. Your photos are great – there are such beautiful colours in them, especially the flowers! Really want to visit here!

  8. I especially like the swan picture.Whicker Toboganning.Who knew!

  9. So gorgeous but, uhhh, no way to the toboggan. I’ll stick to the alcohol:)

  10. You really made me want to travel to Madeira! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  11. Lovely photos! I’ve never thought about Madeira before so this is great reading for a bit of #take12trips inspiration!

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