Friday letters… and some links

It’s Friday again! The weeks always seem to drag by while they’re actually happening, but looking back it feels like no time has passed since the last time it was Friday. I haven’t been doing much this week, so along with my letters I’ve decided to include some links for you to have a look at… otherwise this would have ended up being a very short and very boring post.

Eye'm watching you...

Dear Rossmann employee. I’m not entirely sure why you gave me a free bottle of shower gel when I went to pay the other day, but thanks. (I just hope it wasn’t a hint… did the cheesy feet smell rub off on me?!)

Dear clotted cream. The fact that I discovered you in Karstadt the other day is clearly a hint that I need to make scones this weekend. Home-made afternoon tea here I come!

Dear January. I’m not sure what happened to you this year… it seem like I’ve just given up on you. Since we got back from Madeira, I’ve done basically nothing. No trips, no events. Now I’ve finished writing up our holiday, I’ve no idea how I’m even going to think of posts for my blog! And so much for my “travel more” resolution. Here’s hoping February is more interesting…

Now for some links…

Happy Friday everyone! Have a fabulous weekend.


23 thoughts on “Friday letters… and some links

  1. Thanks for the link to the underground signs – I had just been reading about them this week (a friend posted one on Facebook) so it was great to be able to see so many. I travel on the underground quite a bit, but haven’t seen any of them yet – but maybe I don’t look closely enough! πŸ˜€

  2. Right there with you on January. It’s so, so difficult to get up and go anywhere in January. I’ve wanted to take a day-trip to Bamberg on one of the Saturdays this month, but every Saturday morning at the point of do-i-go-or-do-i-stay-in-bed decision, I choose more sleep instead. Good news, though- the days are starting to get a little bit longer now, and there’s still the rest of the year for travel. πŸ™‚

    1. I usually take daytrips with my boyfriend, but he’s decided he needs to get serious about his dissertation so he has something to present at the end of March… which means he won’t have time for me til April! I need to get off my backside and take some trips by myself… it’s so hard not to just think “Oh well, there’s always next week” when I don’t have concrete plans with another person.

      1. Oh yeah, it’s definitely easier to motivate when you’re not traveling alone.

        Related but not related: I’m gonna visit Karlsruhe at some point very soon. It’s been on my geographic to-do list for a while, since even before I knew about the Category 1 stations. In your opinion, what are the top two things you think a tourist should see in Karlsruhe?

      2. Number 1 is definitely ZKM (Zentrum fΓΌr Kunst und Medientechnolgie)! I always take people there – although it does kind of depend what the current exhibition is. The permanent exhibition on the top floor is always good though (you can play old computer games).

        Other than that, if the weather is nice it’s worth going up the tower of the castle for the view.

        There actually isn’t that much else. Some more musums, of course, and Karlsruhe has both the Bundesgerichtshof and the Bundesverfassungsgericht, but the former is behind barbed wire and high walls, so you can’t see much and the latter is currently being renovated, so again nothing to see! We’re not really much of a tourist destination…

  3. I’m pretty sure that January doesn’t count for anything. It’s just a long extension of New Years Day… it’s where you recover from the foibles of the previous year and prepare for the next. At least, this is what I tell myself when confronted with the reality of having accomplished very little in the last 25 days…

  4. Hello! I haven’t stopped by for ages πŸ™‚ I am so, so excited to hear there’s clotted cream in Karstadt, I’m going to go and have a look for it sometime this week – a friend brought some gluten-free scone mix back from Ireland for me, so all I need now is some decent jam πŸ™‚

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