Friday letters and a Valentine’s card

I’m not really a big fan of Valentine’s Day for couples… I grew up believeing it was a day for single people to confess their love (anonymously or not) to someone. A day to ask somebody to be your Valentine, or just sent somebody you’d been admiring from afar a sweet card or gift. When did the day get hijacked by couples, who should be being nice to each other on every day of the year anyway! Having said that, I did make Jan a Valentine’s card this year. I spotted it in my magazine and I just couldn’t resist. And because I’d already written his anniversary card when I bought the magazine, it had to be a Valentine’s card. Here’s the not quite finished product – I still need to complete the orange border and then make the stitching into an actual card, but I ran out of time last night so I’ll do it quickly this evening before he gets home from work…

This better not turn out to be the first day ever that he decides to look at my blog…

And now for some Friday letters…

Dear cancer. I wish you would sod off and leave my family alone!

Dear Grandpa. It looks like I’m probably never going to see you again. I just hope you know that I love you.

Dear rain. You can get lost and all! We had quite enough of you last year.

Dear Germany. I love you, but I wish you wouldn’t make it so difficult for me to get to my home! While England is technically not that far away, none of the airports close to me do I direct flight, so getting to Newcastle means 5 hours of travelling at the very least (assuming my flights actually match up… usually the journey is made even longer by a two-hour wait time between connections).

Dear family. I really wish I was with you right now. Thanks for keeping me updated!

That’s all from me this week. Sorry it’s so depressing… sometimes living abroad really sucks. If I disappear for a few days, it’s probably because I’ve had to go to a funeral at short notice…


30 thoughts on “Friday letters and a Valentine’s card

  1. This is probably the best Valentine’s Day card I have ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing!
    I am so sorry about your Grandpa and the cancer. 😦 We have a kidney disease in our family so I know how bad it is to have to deal with something like that. 😦

  2. Gorgeous card!
    So very sorry to hear about your grandfather. Being far from family (even if in the same country!) can be so difficult, particularly during the sad and even happy moments.

  3. I saw the “I’m going to England” post before I saw this one, so I already knew the next chapter, but I’m glad you’re getting a chance to go back. I almost didn’t come to Germany in the first place for similar reasons- my father has an incurable terminal cancer. It’s in remission, and that’s held up while I’ve been here, but it could come back at any time. When I was asked about coming here, I worried that I would miss some of my last chances to see my dad.

    When I asked Dad about it, he told me, “I have three other children who can check up on me. Don’t pass up an opportunity that’s good for you just because you’re worried about me.”

    He was right, of course. I call him fairly often, and I see him each time I visit. It still sucks when you can’t make it back for family stuff though.


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