Throwback Thursday

While I was in England I actually managed to make some headway on clearing out my old bedroom at my dad’s and in the process I found some old photos, so I thought I would completely embarrass myself and share a few of them with you. Apologies if the quality isn’t the best, I had to take photos of photos again.

Little baby Bev
Little baby Bev

This is one of the very few photos of little me where I was actually (sort of) smiling. There’s writing on the back of it: “Hello there. Looks like mam’s bringing me food?”. Apparantly somebody (presumably my mother?) is trying to imply I was only happy when I was getting fed! Also, what the hell colour paint is that on the wall?! The army has a lot to answer for, I’m telling you! (They’re also responsible for the awful brown carpet… although the “lovely” sofa was entirely my parents’ doing. What can I say… it was the 80s!).

Me aged 2 and  a half with my baby sister
Me aged 2 and a half with my baby sister

It seems I wasn’t too impressed at having to hold my little sister! Not sure who I’m giving the evil eye to here… (Usually I don’t post photos of other people, but in this one my sister is a baby! I’d love to see someone pick her out of a lineup based on this!).

First time in snow (probably)
First time in snow (probably)

Check out my fabulous snowsuit! I actually remember it because my mum kept it til I was about 10, but I don’t remember ever wearing it. The photographic evidence says I did though.

There you are. I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into my babyhood. Maybe one day I’ll share more…

33 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Totally adorable! Really – the one of you as a baby is just too cute! Funny, as I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing – digging up some old pics to post on the blog.

      1. Haha, well, you’ve only given us the one example (you holding your sister). You don’t look miserable or evil in the snowsuit pic – maybe just a tad uncomfortable, which is understandable, because who has ever really been comfortable in a snowsuit?!?

    1. Oh yes, food is better than siblings any day πŸ˜‰ (Apparantly I hated my sister when she was born. I don’t remember it, but it seems I was NOT happy about having to share my parents.)

      1. I never hated either of my brothers (well, I was 23 when my littlest brother was born so it would have been kind of pathetic). My sister wasn’t impressed when she wasn’t the baby any more though. We all get on now though (well, as much as anyone can get on with a 7 year old…)

    1. On these ones you can tell it’s me (also, proof that I am a natural red head even though my hair looks more brown these days!). On the ones where I’m a tiny baby I just look like… well, a baby. I only have my mum’s word for it that those photos are of me (even my dad can’t tell which are me and which are my sister, unless they were taken in the maisonette which we’d moved out of by the time my sister was born or I’m with my sister, obviously making the baby her).

  2. You are too cute! I love this post, so may have a go at something similar, but have no way of scanning the pictures! I have one picture which I have put on my blog where the carpet is spectacular late 70’s early 80’s borwn/organge/swirly madness! Loved your post!

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