The latest from my life

In between recipes and throwbacks to when I was cute, I thought I’d give you a few updates on how my life looks right now…

  • I logged on to Facebook this morning to find that my dad’s cousin has become the father of a little girl and one of my cousins has got engaged. Meanwhile, I’m over the moon that my boyfriend managed to make time to come to a party with me at the weekend…  How does this committed, long-term relationship thing work again? Cos I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong.
  • My grandpa was moved to a different hospital just over a week ago – one in the same town where my grandma lives, so it’s much more convenient.  The doctor there has said the way he’s looking now, it could be weeks rather than days but nobody can really say for sure. He could still go at any time… or he could hang on until after his birthday (he will turn 80 if he does).
  • I’ve actually been given a  “nice” (i.e. interesting and challenging) text to translate thanks to my colleague being on maternity leave and everyone else being busy. Now I’m terrified I won’t do as good a job as said colleague and will have to spend the rest of my life translating only technical and financial texts. Aaargh, the pressure! (I am a good translator, but my colleague is an amazing translator, so she usually gets all the texts that have even a chance of reaching an audience other than IT support people.)
  • I’ve been cross stitching lots of cards recently. I’ve just finished one for my grandma and started on a Mother’s Day card for my mam.  I’m actually quite enjoying stitching the smaller designs – it means I get to finish them before I get bored!

And that’s it for today. I hope you weren’t expecting more. If anything truly interesting had happened I would have blogged about it before now…



30 thoughts on “The latest from my life

      1. LOL, yes. The problem is the introduction is written by some professor… so lots of waffling and big words that are supposed to make him sound clever but are impossible to turn into readable English!

  1. Were you really asking how to get more commitment? cause the answer is set out your needs and expectations and demand it from the start and to keep reminding and demanding over and over again….it can be hard work lol

      1. That doesn’t work with Jan’s job. For example, he handed in a paper 2 weeks ago. If it’s accepted, he will be at a conference for a week at the end of August. At the start of the year, he didn’t know the conference existed – he was told a week before the deadline “you need to write a paper and submit it for this”.

  2. Good luck with the translation! Going by your writing here, I have no doubt you’ll knock it out the park!

    And I agree with the comment above, if you haven’t communicated what you need/want from the relationship in terms of commitment, you need to do that – and if you have and he still isn’t showing up, then maybe he’s a plonker who doesn’t deserve you!

    1. It’s not so much commitment… right now I’d be happy if we could spend ore than an hour a week together! And he knows that, but sadly his work situation is incredibly crap at the moment. Admittedly not really his fault, but currently I feel like we don’t even have a relationship, never mind a committed one!

  3. For some reason it always throws me when you remind me that we are your dad’s cousins really since you are so much closer to me in age! New baby is cute though, I’ve decided to call her Kitty regardless of how Joel and Jess feel about it. Alice has decided to call her Daisy! Good news about Uncle Jim xxx

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