The difference a day makes

Last night Jan came home early. So early that I hadn’t even thought about what to cook for tea yet! Then, instead of working some more, he washed the dishes while I made eggy bread and we sat down together to watch two episodes of Farscape, snuggled up on the sofa. I don’t know whether he figured out for himself that I was feeling lonely and neglected or if somebody told him (he never reads my blog, so that can’t be it), but however he figured it out he acted on it, and it was lovely. It’s amazing the difference that a few hours of quality with my boyfriend can make! Now he just needs to hurry up and finish his thesis so we can have regular couple time again…


26 thoughts on “The difference a day makes

  1. Glad to hear. Random question (which maybe you have addressed at some earlier point before I began reading): in what language do you two converse? Is your German better than his English? Or are you each equally proficient in both languages? Just curious! πŸ™‚

    1. English. When we first got together, my German was terrible! We could converse in German now, and have tried a few times but we alwwys end up speaking English again without realising… it’s such an ingrained habit now! He has left in the US twice though, so his English is amazing.

      1. But now your German is so good that you work as a translator — excellent!

        I know about ingrained habits! I am unable to speak to my mother in anything other than Latvian. With my siblings I mix languages more (although it’s probably 96% Latvian and only 4% English), but my younger sister is prone to point this out and scold me for not speaking Latvian.

        BTW, have you played the Great Language Game? I’m putting up a blog post about it tonight.

    1. I can’t do Skype on this computer – it’s ancient and Jan hasn’t done any updates in ages so Skype just makes it freeze!

      Eggy bread is easy… beat eggs in a bowl with some milk, season the egg mixture with salt & black pepper (sometimes I also add a pinch of cayenne pepper) soak slices of bread in the egg (I usually cut the bread in 4 so I can fit the pieces in the bowl) then fry on a fairly high heat, turning over half way through to get the egg on both sides cooked. That’s it!

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