Friday Letters

It’s Friday again… finally! Despite my day off on Wednesday this week has been ridiculously long and busy! Hence why I’ve been sort of absent in the blogging world. Again! Never mind, here are some Friday letters for you.

Friday letters

Dear weather. I can’t believe you’re turning bad just in time for the weekend again. It’s like you’re doing it on purpose…

Dear work. Apparantly you weren’t listening when I asked if you could maybe get a little less crazy. Four-day working weeks should not be this exhausting!

Dear red pandas. Seeing you on my way to the train station in the morning always makes me smile. ♥

Dear boyfriend. Tomorrow will be our last day together for a week. Please don’t go leaving any bits of you in Turkey this time 😉

Dear everything peanut. I plan to take advantage of my boyfriend’s absence next week and eat you in abundance. You have been warned!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.


24 thoughts on “Friday Letters

  1. Oh no is your boyfriend allergic to peanuts? I have a major peanut butter love so that would be so difficult for me! Any really the weather ugh but it sounds like at least you guys have some worth, I am just hoping for the temperature to break 5!

    1. He’s not severely allergic – it’s more annoying than life-threatening (last time he accidently ate peanuts, he had a hot/itchy rash all over him!). But I prefer not to buy anything with peanuts in just in case.

      The weather isonly nice here when I’m trapped in my office and can’t enjoy it!

      1. That wouldn’t do… you’d need a serious-piece-of-kit food processor to make peanut butter.

        Whichever way you’ll tackle peanut week, I’m sure it’ll be fun, and I look forward to the post!

  2. I hope the weather isn’t awful this weekend! I need to tidy the garden and it has to be done good or bad weather! 😦

    Hope work settles down for you!

    What did he leave in Turkey or should I not be nosey?!

    Ooo peanuts overdose! I would suggest peanut butter on white bread toast! Mmm!

      1. Wise! I severely incapacitated the Russky with a casserole with rice on the bottom. Whoops, now I know better 🙂

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