Funeral clothing – help!

I’m not exactly an expert on funerals. I think I’ve been to three in my life… and for two of those I wasn’t even in my teens yet! As such, I have no idea what one is supposed to wear (other than black), and even less of an idea what one should wear as c lose family member who will have to shake everyone’s hands at the end! The last time I was a close family member at a funeral was my step mum’s, I was 12 and just wore what my mother had given me. So, dear readers, I need yourI help. Which of the following outfits is most suitable to wear for my grandpa’s funeral?

Exhibit A:

black dress

Or exhibit B:

black clothes

(Sorry, that photo is terrible! I hope you can work out what it’s meant to show anyway… basically it’s a long black skirt with a black, three-quarter sleeve blouse.)

I’m afraid the dress might be too casual, but the other outfit might be a bit too formal for a crematorium (the last time I wore that skirt was for an evening do!). Any comments appreciated!!

21 thoughts on “Funeral clothing – help!

  1. Honestly, the first one doesn’t seem that casual (at least not on the hanger!), and the second doesn’t seem that formal (again – at least not on the hanger). You definitely want to be comfortable, which you should certainly taken into consideration when picking out shoes, as well! I’ll be interested to hear what other people (read: women) say, but I think either one would be fully appropriate! (I’ve been to more funerals and memorial services than I care to count, including several where I sat in the front row as member of the immediate family, etc. )

  2. I can’t see what’s wrong with the first one, seems like an appropriate choice to me… It’s neither short, nor “cleavagy”.

    Anyway, you will be perfectly presentable in either of these, I’m sure!

    1. It’s not that short, no. But it’s a dress I occasionally wear on “normal” days, usually together with brightly coloured tights and jewellery to liven it up. I suppose with black tights and plain jewellery it will be more “funerally”. (Also, it’s from Primark… not that that’s relevant ;-))

      1. Yeah, wear dark tights with it, and it’ll be perfect. Nobody expects people to buy/possess exclusive funeral outfits, do they? And who feels like going out shopping when there’s been a death in the family…?

  3. I think A is good as you may be more comfortable in that. I wore black trousers and a black blouse with small whote hearts for my father’s funeral/cremation. I wanted to be respectful but not too formal and comfort was key as I did not want to be wearing anything that felt uncomfortable etc. Hope that helps!

  4. I’d go for the first one. It reminds me of the one I wore three weeks ago – I was away from home and hadn’t planned on a funeral, so I grabbed the first black dress in H&M that reached my knees and wasn’t covered in strass. My Grandma requested to have all mourners in bright colors for her funeral – so I wore bright purple in honor of her packet of Silk Cuts. Joking apart, wishing you strength and sending you hugs. Been there.

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