Friday letters


Dear airport staff. If any of you decide to do something stupid like go on strike this weekend I may be forced to do something drastic…

Dear weather/Mother Nature. Please be kind! Let there be no fog, storms,volcanic eruptions or anything else that might prevent my flights from actually taking off on Sunday!

Dear family. I will see you soon and we’ll give grandpa the amazing send off he deserves.

Dear readers. Thank you for the clothing advice! I think I’m going with the black dress, black tights and I’ll take a black cardigan along in case it’s cold.

Dear boyfriend. Thank you for booking my flights for me! I really should get a credit card…

Dear Oscar Wilde. I saw your play The Importance of Being Earnest on Tuesday. It was very funny.

Dear summer reading challenge. 9 days in, I finally have one of the books on my list so I can actually get started with you!

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

15 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. Wait – WHAT?! You don’t have a credit card? (I know Americans are a tad obsessed with them, but I thought they were pretty run-of-the-mill in Europe nowadays.) Glad we could be of assistance with the outfit choice. Safe & smooth travels!

    1. LOL, most people in Europe seem to have one, but I’ve never bothered. I have a Visa Debit for my English account, which most places accept as a credit card. The only problem is I have no money in my English account!

  2. Safe travels and I hope it all goes, well, you know… as well as these things do 🙂 And The Importance of Being Earnest is one of my favourite plays, I’ve seen countless version of it on stage and screen and it never gets old. Just brilliant.

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