Friday letters & some links

Friday is upon us again! I’m actually in Konstanz right now… yesterday was the last one in a series of Thursday public holiday in my part of Germany, so I decided to use some overtime and treat myself to a four-day weekend. I didn’t want to waste my extra day off sitting at home, so I persuaded Jan to take a break from his thesis for a couple of days and come down to Konstanz with me. I wish every day could be a three-day working week followed by a four-day weekend 😉

Friday letters

Dear man on my train. There is seriously no need to stink that badly of BO at 8 a.m. on a Monday. It’s not even that hot at that time in the morning (yet). What are you going to do when proper summer arrives? For the sake of your fellow commuters, please invest in some deodorant!

Dear red pandas. You are definitely my favourite part of the my journey to work ❤

Dear bookcases. I know you’re way too full already, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to prepare yourself for another onslaught of books. Amazon was just too tempting this week…

Dear May. Where did you go? It doesn’t seem possible that tomorrow is your last day!

And now for some interesting links I’ve come across recently:

  • A friend posted this article on Facebook and I’ve been sharing it everywhere! Some excellent points (and terrifying) points about rape culture, nerds and the “I’m a nice guy so I deserve sex” myth.
  • Ever wanted to speak Icelandic? Find some basic phrases at Unlocking Kiki. (Also, check out the rest of her blog. Her photos make me want to be in Iceland RIGHT NOW!).
  • It’s been ten years since the final episode of Friends aired in Great Britain (What? How is that possible?). Here’s a BBC article with things you may not have known about the series.
  • I came across this list of 18 German Castles that put Disney to Shame while looking for something else, and now I want to visit them all!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


26 thoughts on “Friday letters & some links

    1. Winter? Noo.

      Why does public transport attract so many smelly people? I take the fast (expensive) train. You’d think businessmen would be capable of showering in the morning!

      1. You really would! I saw today that German men spend almost 30 minutes in the bathroom every morning – makes you wonder what they’re doing in there! 😉

      2. I can confirm that… my German has been known to spend 30 minutes in the bathroom, usually when he hasn’t shaved in a few days and has lots of facial fuzz to get rid of 😉

      3. Except Sundays 🙂 Put your feet up 🙂

        It’s worth a watch if you get a spare hour – and it is Sunday… just don’t play it too loudly – the police might come! 🙂

  1. That list of castles is awesome! I’m actually fortunate enough to say I’ve visited three of them (Sansoucci, Residenz, Linderhof). Two more (Nymphenburg and Heidelberg) I’ve seen only from the outside — darn, I wish there were blogs when I was studying in Germany, then I wouldn’t need to rely on my memory!
    Hope you are having a fantastic time in Konstanz, and look forward to reading about it later!

  2. Your red pandas are so cute! 🙂 I really really really need a new bookshelf, I have no idea where to store all my books anymore. Books are just too tempting!

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