Friday letters, plus some links

This weekend is Pfingsten, or Whit weekend (Pentecost), which means Monday is yet another holiday! I’m also at a seminar on Friday/Saturday, so it will be a short week at the office for me. After that, there’s one more holiday to go (Fronleichnam – Corpus Christi), then it’s back to normal, 5-day working weeks until Christmas (there are 2 more public holiday this year, but both fall on weekend. Boo!).


Dear May. No offence, but I’m glad you’re over! Much as I enjoyed my trip to Konstanz, May 2014 will forever be known as the month my Grandpa died. Now it’s June, I hope I can move on with the rest of 2014 without the shadow of illness/death hanging over everything…

Dear sleep. Pleeeeease can we catch up this weekend? I am so unbelievably tired!

Dear ice cream. Why must you be so irrististable? I’m never going to get rid of the belly fat at this rate!

Dear The Fault in Our Stars. You’re next on my reading list, and to be honest I’m slightly scared. I’ve been hearing about how sad you are and I just know there are going to be tears…

Β And since this week didn’t produce too many letters, have some links as well:

  • Ever wondered what happens when someone dies on a plane? Here you go.
  • People are always claiming that various exams are getting easier, so the Liverpool Echo has published a test with genuine questions from past GCSE papers. Could you pass your GCSEs? (For non-UK readers, GCSEs are the exams you take at age 16). (I got 12 out of 16, in case anyone was wondering. Too many maths questions!!)
  • Think you understand Denglish? Take the Denglish Quiz! I got 9 out of 10 (This one is only for those who actually understand German!)
  • This is all over the Internet at the moment, but I shall give you the BBC News article on it. Apparantly learning a second language (even as an adult) slows brain aging. Take note, Britain, and bring back language lessons in schools!
  • This article in The Guardian amused me. Apparantly Cristiano Romaldo’s current injury woes are all down to a Ghanaian witch doctor who doesn’t want him to play against Ghana in the world cup. What?!

That’s it from me. Have a great weekend, everyone!




17 thoughts on “Friday letters, plus some links

    1. Ugh, really? I’d better do my grocery shopping tonight then. Don’t want to carry heavy bags home when it’s that hot! (It’s “only” meant to be 28Β° here today, which is already too hot for me…)

    1. You have one more holiday than us, I think. We don’t get Maria Himmelfahrt.
      I’ve just realised Tag der Deutschen Einheit is actually on a Friday, so we do get one more long weekend πŸ˜€
      Allerheiligen is on a Saturday though.

  1. Love the new flower pic, by the way! The Fault in Our Stars is sad, but it was sad in a predictable way, which I find less depressing! I am not sure about seeing the movie, though – that might be more sad. Regarding languages: what, does Britain really not offer foreign language classes in schools anymore?!? I’ve read about that type of research quite a bit in the last few years – apparently knowing *and* using two languages is very beneficial for the brain. In my experience, many of the older Latvian-Americans I’ve known who spoke both fluently had no or little problems with brain function and dementia well into old age!

    1. Languages are still offered, but no longer mandatory. When I was at school, you had to take at least one language until age 16 (after that, you could leave school entirely if you wanted). Now 13 year olds can drop all languages and take stupid subjects like Media Studies or Hairdressing instead.

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