Life right now

Oh, heyy!
I’ve been kind of absent from the blog this week (by which I clearly mean entirely absent!), so here’s a quick rundown on what’s going on in my life right now…

  • I started the 30 Day Squat Challenge on Monday and I am so unbelievably glad that today is a rest day! My thighs hate me already. Back to it tomorrow with 70 squats. Hopefully by the end of it I’ll have lovely toned thights though…
  • I went to a local brewery’s beer festival at the weekend (more on that in a separate post) and it was HOT! According to a local news website, temperatures hit 37.6°C at one point over Pentecost – a record for this time of year apparantly. It’s now down to a “mere” 29°C, which is still too hot for me. Especially since it’s also horribly hot at night, meaning I can NOT sleep!
  • On Tuesday I was at a charity concert here in Karlsruhe (well, Durlach, which is a borough of Karlsruhe). It starred Fools Garden (remember Lemon Tree anyone?) who are from the area, Eva Croissant (who those in Germany might remember from The Voice of Germany), David Hanselmann (who I had never heard of but has apparantly performed with famous bands like Canned Heat and Colesseum II – obviously before my time) and the big special guest of the evening: Fish, of Marillion fame. If nothing else you will have heard of the song Kayleigh. All the artists were accompanied by The Seán Treacy band, who are kind of celebrities in the local area. If there’s a Fest going on in Karlsruhe you can practically guarantee that they’ll be playing. So that was a nice evening. The concert didn’t finish til nearly midnight though, and then we still had to get home! Combined with the heat keeping me awake most of the night before and I was a very tiiiired Bev at work yesterday!
  • We fiiiinally made it to the train station last night to buy our tickets to Vienna! Normally we buy train tickets online, but travelling to a different country with 2 different Bahncards makes things slightly complicated. My Bahncard 100 is valid until Salzburg, so I’ve ended up paying less than €100 for the return train ticket. Result!
  • I was so tired last night that I actually managed to sleep from 11:30 p.m. until 3 a.m. (when I woke up so thirsty my throat actually hurt!). I had some bizarre dreams, which I’m totally blaming on the heat! I don’t remember much, but it involved running away from someone or something in the middle of the desert! I definitely think this was my brain’s reaction to my body being so hot. Also, when I got up at 3 a.m. to fecth more water, I happened to glance out of the window and the moon looked amazing! Sadly, I did not think to take a photo (well it was three in the morning!).
  • I’m currently reading Peony in Love by Lisa See for the reading challenge, and so far I’m disappointed! I will still read the whole thing though. On the other hand, I started reading Captain Cook’s birography this morning as my “train book” and I found myself wishing my commute was longer so I could read more! That almost never happens with non-fiction books 🙂
  • Tomorrow I won’t be at the office, which means I’ve only had to work 3 days this week (Monday was a holiday). I’m not “off” work as such though… I’m spending tomorrow and Saturday(!) at a seminar for translators. It’s about banking terminology, so not sure how much fun it will be! But hopefully it will turn out to be useful anway.

That’s all folks! I need to eat my lunch and then get back to work. Normal blogging service will resume next week, I hope.

P.S WordPress informed me earlier that I registered my blog 6 years ago today… so happy birthday dear bloggy!


22 thoughts on “Life right now

  1. 6 years – wow! I don’t know if I have that long in me! I’m definitely running out of stuff to say about LV 😉 Vienna – can’t wait to go! I’ve had hardly any work this week as well – slowing down for summer. Nice 🙂 Good luck with the squats!

    1. Good job you’re moving to Germany then… you should get at least a year out of that 😉 Seriously though, that’s part of the reason my blog doesn’t have a specific label… if I was just writing about life in Germany I’d have run out of things to say within a moth!

  2. Good to know that I’m not the only one who has super-bizarre dreams when it’s too hot! The last couple nights have been rough here too (heat aside, the martens were having a party in the forest across the street last night), but I don’t think we hit 37… ouch. Hopefully that brewery fest had it’s kegs on ice!

    Agreed on the ‘Peony in Love.’ It didn’t do anything for me either. Yawn. Hopefully the Captain Cook bio is a bit more exciting!

    1. I’m disappointed because I LOVED Snowflower and the Secret Fan. Lisa See can do better!

      There’s currently actually a breeze outside… now if only I could persuade it to come into my flat…

  3. Happy blogiversary! (Yes, I just made up a word.) Six years is a pretty long time…
    And – 70?!?! squats?? That’s insane. I will say, however, it can be awesome to see results from exercise. I finally joined a gym in April. Last month, even though I was out of town for a full two weeks, I made it there twelve times. A couple of days ago I went to the most challenging yoga class I’d ever attended, and was damn proud of myself for doing as well as I did — I definitely felt stronger than even a couple of months ago.

    1. I think I called my blog’s first birthday a blogversary – almost the same thing 🙂

      On day 30, I’m supposed to do 250 squats! I want to cry even thinking about it…

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