July goals: Update

Hello there! I’m working from home today because the train I usually take to get to work was cancelled and with the next one it was unclear whether/when it would be stopping where I wanted to go. If I’d realised that earlier, I’d have stayed in bed longer! But never mind… this way I started work earlier than usual so I get to have extra breaks.

At the beginning of July, I posted some goals for the month. Now that it’s August, I suppose I should look back at those goals and see whether I actually achieved any of them or not. Making monthly goals is not a thing I usually do (and I won’t be making any for August… goals and birthday month don’t mix!).

  • Complete the 30 day squat challenge.
    I actually did it! Okay, it ended up being more of a 33ish day challenge because I inserted a few extra rest days when my thighs went on strike and refused to even consider the number of squats I wanted to put them through that day. I see no difference in the size of my thighs, but Jan claims they feel firmer so there’s that.
  • Be more careful with my money.
    Meh. Sort of. More careful than in June anyway, although I still had slightly less left at the end of the month than I would have liked to, especially sionce I assume I am going to need a lot for Taiwan!
  • Lose 2kg before my brother comes.
    Well, I got half way there. Lost 1 kg before my brother came. Now I’m down to 1.5 kg lost, although it fluctuates a lot. The scales did show the weight I was aiming for once last week, but I think it was just a fluke.
  • Not a combination of ingredients I would have thought of myself, but utterly delicious!
    Not a combination of ingredients I would have thought of myself, but utterly delicious!
  • Complete the summer reading challenge.
    Those who read my last post will know that I did not, in fact, complete the challenge. I still have one book to go.
  • Eat fruit.
    Wellll, I had some raspberries in a glass of spritzer, ate two whole apricots in July and also had a mago and avocado salad (amazing!) one night while my brother was here. Not quite as much as I was aiming for, bit it’s fruit so I’ll take it πŸ˜‰

So, there you have it. A semi-success, I suppose. I would have liked to save more money and do better on the fruit front, but this is better than nothing.


14 thoughts on “July goals: Update

  1. Oh the 30 day squat challenge! I have tried to start that so many times but sore thighs are one of my most hated aches from after exercising. It makes everything such a challenge! Well done on completing it (and then some!) πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on completing the squat challenge!! And re: food, it’s so interesting how different people are. I never have a problem eating fruit nowadays, especially not in the summer. At the farmers’ market on Saturday I bought raspberries, blueberries, yellow peaches, white peaches and white nectarines. Half of that stuff is already eaten! While I was there I had to remind myself, hmm – maybe I should buy some vegetables, too. πŸ™‚

    1. The problem is my fruit seems to go off really quickly – if I bought peaches and nectarines on Saturday, I can guarantee I’d be throwing half of them out today because of mould. Apples last a bit longer but I won’t eat bruised apples, which means I can’t take them to work with me.

  3. That’s great about the squat challenge! I think others can see the difference better than we can do that ourselves. I just finished the 30 day shred and I have to say I am glad it is over!

    1. Oh no! THat must be awful. I shall purchase nectarines and consume one just for you πŸ™‚ I’m not allergic to any fruits, but more than a little bit of banana makes me feel sick.

  4. When I was in Croatia this past month they had so many amazing fruit nice and fresh. Now that I am back to Iceland I have to make sure to eat the fruit that is no where as fresh. Congrats on completing the squat challenge, that challenge is no joke!

  5. Congrats on completing the squat challenge! I think that seems like really responsible and realistic weight loss measurements/goals! I love berries so if any are around I’ll snaffle them quickly. Bananas will sit there all day because I find the texture so off-putting. I just can’t. x

    1. I only use bananas for baking. Otherwise Jan has to eat them. Too much banana makes me feel sick. Berries have to be eaten immediately otherwise they’ve gone mouldy the next time I turn around.

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