Friday letters – the OMG it’s September edition!

Just how is it September already? I know I’ve said that practically every month this year, but seriously, how?! On Monday, my little brother turned 8 and it was 5 years since I started working at my current company. Five years! That’s longer than it took to complete my Bachelor’s degree! It’s also 8 years today since I moved to Germany “properly” rather than just for an exchange year (if you’re wondering how I know that so precisely, I checked the diary I kept back then ;-)). I can’t believe I’ve actually managed to stay in one place for this long without getting restless! Anyway, enough of my rambling… it’s Friday, so letters is probably what you’ve come here for. Here you are:

Friday letters

Dear September. I sincerely hope you pass by slower than you arrived. I’m not ready for it to officially be autumn yet! (Although according to the weather, autumn actually arrived about a month ago…)

Dear little brother. I hope you enjoyed your birthday and liked your present.

Dear German supermarkets. Displays of Lebkuchen and Spekulatius are not acceptable at this time! At least wait until the kids go back to school before you start trying to wish Christmas upon us!

Dear Taiwan. I hope I get to visit you again some day… a week just wasn’t enough time to explore! We didn’t even get to see all of what Taipei had to offer, not to mention the fact that we only made it half way down the country!

Dear bubble tea. I tried you because when in Rome (err, Taiwan) and all that, but I definitely don’t need to experience you again. So weird!

Dear work printer. I do not appreciate your decision to eat paper rather than printing on it! Half an hour to sort out a jam was not in the plan for my first week back at work. Let’s hope our IT guy can fix it, or I’ll be running up and down stairs every time I need to print until we’re able to purchase a new one…

Dear Facebook. Has it ever occurred to you that if I upload photos in a certain order it’s because I want them to be in that order? Stop changing them around!!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all have a great one, and that the weather where you are is better than here! (It’s supposed to improve at some point… I’ll believe it when it happens!)

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37 thoughts on “Friday letters – the OMG it’s September edition!

      1. German gingerbread. It’s yummy, but meant for CHRISTMAS!! (Come January the shops actually completely stop selling it… so it should NOT be out in September).

  1. I know, right? My brother’s birthday was on the 3rd and he turned 26! Makes me feel old. 🙂

    I second that about Facebook and the photo rearranging! Annoying!

    You guys have already seen Christmas stuff? Crazy! I’ve been on the lookout for it…happens sooner and sooner every year, it feels like. I DO love Christmas, though. Ha. So I don’t mind all that much.

  2. Totally agree about the Christmas displays in shops. Unacceptable when we’re barely out of August. I had to leave a card shop in horror last week – a whole aisle devoted to Christmas cards – I almost hyperventilated!!

  3. Hi, I’m visiting from the Link-up! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s September already either. Summer went by so fast! I love fall though, mostly because of all the options for clothes!

  4. Far, far too much Christmas stuff going on here too. I have been thinking that maybe I just need to accept it, or I will be having a fit every time I go into a shop! Is there actually anyone who is happy to see Christmas goodies/cards on sale already?

  5. haha I swear people either love bubble tea or hate it. Love your reaction! And wow I can’t believe the German supermarkets are already pulling out the Christmas advertising! I always got irritated in the U.S. when we’d hear Christmas music before thanksgiving in November, but in September?! wow.

  6. Hello! It’s been forever since I’ve been on the blogs, but look at your new blog, all cool and fancy! Look forward to updating myself as to the fun goings-on of your life!

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