35 before 35: Item exchange

I have decided to exchange the “Vist Ukraine” item on my 35 before 35 list. While I do still want to go there, I’m thinking it may not be the best idea right now! And since I don’t know if/when the situation will improve, I’m removing it from the list as a precaution.

I wanted to replace the item with one that is at least vaguely similar, so as of now the first item on my 35 before 35 list will be “Visit Belfast and see whether I recognise anything”. For those who don’t know, I lived in a place caled Holywood close to Belfast for two years as a child (dad/step-dad were posted there with the army) and we used to visit Belfast for things like shopping. We left when I was 7, so it would be interesting to see whether I recognise anything. (I’m ptetty sure I would recognise things on my actual estate, but as it’s an army barracks I wouldn’t actually be allowed in! So Belfast is the best I can do).

To see all the items on my 35 before 35 list (including what I’ve already completed), click here.

20 thoughts on “35 before 35: Item exchange

    1. I was aged 5-7 when we lived in Northern Ireland, so I mostly remember my school and our house. The only thing I currently remember about Belfast is that there was a bank that had black railings outside and I liked to climb on the railings! I’m hoping actually seeing the place live will jog my memory a bit 😉

  1. Oh wow I don’t blame you for making that switch! The situation in Ukraine is horrible! I’ve never been to Belfast. How is Northern Ireland these days? I remember the time where Northern. Ireland wasn’t a good place to be either.

    1. Northern Ireland wasn’t a good place to be when I lived there! (1989-1991). That’s actually why we were there. I still remember checking under the car for bombs whenever we had parked it anywhere off base. I think it’s safer there these days!

  2. Ukraine sounds great without the ‘the’! I see your point, but with the exception of Crimea, most of the things that most of the people who visit Ukraine would be interested in are in the west of the country, or the capital Kyiv (transliteration of the Ukrainian word, not the more familiar Kiev, which is the Russian variant). I lived there for a year and my father and wife are from there. I go every year. It’s safe. A fascinating country. How about 36 before 36?

    1. My grandad was Ukrainian, which is why I want to go there. I will get there eventually, maybe still even before I’m 35!

      Ukraine without “the” sounds odd to me because it’s been “the Ukraine” my whole life and I can’t get used to the change 😉

      1. The “the” was only a part of Ukrainebecause we were misinformed. It never was the Ukraine. I wrote a 5 piece series on Ukraine for a newspaper and people couldn’t get past Kyiv or L’viv (Kiev, Lvov)… Ate borscht last night!

    1. Yes, it will be so interesting to see what I remember! Also, the original item was because my grandad was Ukrainian (and I’ve never been to his country) so it’s kind of along the same lines 🙂

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