35 before 35: Cross stitch something for myself

When I added “Cross stitch something for myself” to my 35 before 35 list, I was initially planning on stitching a proper cross stitch kit – I now have two lying around waiting to be started, one huge one with poppies and a map of Northumberland. However, when I saw little pictures of various kitchen equipment in one of my cross stitch magazines, I instantly knew I wanted to stitch some of those for myself. My kitchen had been in need of some decoration, and they were in my favourite colour (red). Jan agreed that I could have them in my kitchen so I got stitching. I’m allowing this to count for the item because I think four little pictures adds up to a big enough project to be counted. Here they are in the order I stitched them. Maybe some people will recognise one that I was part way through a few months ago… 😉

Aren’t they the cutest? Now I’m just waiting for Jan to iron the interfacing onto the back so I can frame them. It’s his kitchen too, so he should make a contribution 😉

15 thoughts on “35 before 35: Cross stitch something for myself

  1. Those are too cute! Where did you pick up the patterns? I was looking in our local Idee Creativmarkt and they had a very small selection, although there were some cute little animal ones I’m thinking about doing. My mom sent me an enormous pattern (clearly she knows I have too much free time), and I kind of want to do some smaller ones, as the big one will probably take me until retirement to finish.

    1. They were in a cross stitch magazine I buy. I don’t actually remember which specific one now – word of cross stitching or cross stitcher I think. It’s an old issue though. They sell them in the train station book shop here in Karlsruhe.

    2. I found it! It’s in issue 278 of Cross Stitcher. I can try to photograph the page with those designs if you like? (There are also other things, like a jam jar, salt and pepper pots, etc.). Unfortunately we don’t have a working scanner…

      1. Aw, thanks, but don’t sweat it if you don’t have a scanner! Our kitchen is pretty well set on decor at the moment, but I’m thinking maybe something small for our room. The squirrel I saw at Idee may be just the thing (plus, it’s a whole kit, complete with frame.) Convenience!

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