You know you’ve lived in Germany too long when…

… you get excited about the arrival of your new Biomüll bin!


Look, it has a lid and everything (to hopefully keep the flies out).


25 thoughts on “You know you’ve lived in Germany too long when…

      1. To be fair, I’m more excited by the possibility that I might be able to control our fly population than the bin itself 😉 The container we had before was open and it was fly central quicker than you could even turn around.

      2. No nor me, but having said that, I am currently visiting England and I do miss aspects of life in Germany that I could not have predicted sone years ago, such as the fact that I now seem to be the only person who waits for the green light before crossing the road!

      3. Ha, you can’t live in Berlin then! They cross at the red light all the time here – while I’m standing waiting for the green man like I imagine a ‘proper’ German would do 🙂 Live and learn!!

  1. Please do explain exactly what a Biomull bin is! (My guess – for composting. But do you compost on your own, or is that part of the stuff you throw out for the organized and helpful trash/recycling folks to pick up?)

    1. Biomüll is organic waste. It kind of is composting, but it’s “official” – the city comes and takes it away. We have a big Biomüll bin outside for everyone to put theirs in. We don’t have a garden so compost would be no use to us!

  2. That’s a cute bin! I have had less flies this year than in the past, lucky me. I started using a tupperware container a couple years ago. I keep it in there until I wrap it up to take outside.

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